Toys Worth Upgrading, or Using Parts for Other Props


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I've seen many people use cheap, or otherwise readily available at toy stores for parts, or upgrading their electronics or painting them, like the tron disc that many added leds or el wire to. Or Nerf gun repaints to use in small films or even in television shows. However, I haven't seen a thread with a list of toys than can be converted or dismantled to be used in other replicas. I'll start:

Tron Legacy Discs
Nerf Guns
Cowboys and Aliens Wrist Blaster Cup
Toy's R Us Green Lantern Ring Key Chain
Boba Fett Blaster

Also i've heard of people using the sound board from cheap toy lightsabers, would you recommend this as a temporary solution for sound?
Anyways I'd love to see examples (Not too many nerf guns please) and i hope this thread helps prop-lovers on budgets :)


i think throwing chicken used a kids paint cup for his light on the top of his portal gun light.......and a lot of people use a plunger handle for the middle tube.....We used a glow stick tube