Toys McCoy Steve McQueen A-2 jacket


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This might be better suited for the Indiana Jones Forum or one of the flight jacket forums... but, I'll just give it a shot anyway.

Did anybody here manage to pick up the Toys McCoy Steve McQueen/GREAT ESCAPE A-2 flight jacket? [check out this link for pictures:] I contacted Toys McCoy in Japan the other day to ask if they would sell/ship the jacket to the US? Turns out, not only are they not allowed [due to licensing] to ship the jacket to anywhere outside of Japan - but they are also completely sold out already.

My question - did anybody here manage to pick up one of the jackets - and secondly - how does it compare to other GREAT ESCAPE A-2 jackets... the Real McCoy [of New Zealand] version especially? Any advise? Are there any US retailers that would offer the Toys McCoy jacket on the secondary market?