Total Recall DVD commentary

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  2. Wes R

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    His commentary is always amusing. The ones for Conan are still my favorites. This new one he filming now should be good too, he already tweeted about a gash in his forehead and showed off pictures lol.
  3. robn1

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    He's just describing what's going on. It's not a commentary it's a plot summary :lol
  4. Solo4114

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    I LOVE that commentary. Ahnold and Paul Verhoeven in: "BATTLE OF THE ACCENTS!!!" It's terrific. :)
  5. SSgt Burton

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    Yeah I'd say Arnold's commentary during Conan is worth the price of the dvd alone! :lol

  6. GotWookiee

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    I saw this years ago when I first bought Total Recall. I forgot how funny it is. Most commentaries give us some insight into the making of the film, what the characters are thinking, what the film is trying to say, etc.

    Ahnuld just describes what is going on. Usually he starts off a sign by saying "Dis is a really great scene," and then he describes that it's great because he is disguised as an old fat woman or because the Johnny Cab doesn't understand him.


    I guess there is no need to do a Descriptive Video Track for the blind. Ahnuld's commentary is good enough.
  7. Contec

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    Let's hope arnold don't starts directing movies...
    "dis is a really great scene in the movie" " you walk pass the camera...and then stop".....:lol
  8. Sean Hebein

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    I love it when he gets kicked in the crotch in the movie and in the commentary he's like "Ouch, that hurt!"

    Oh Arnie, you so awesome!
  9. Apollo

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    Recall and Conan are must listen commentaries! :lol
  10. MooCriket

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    :lol:lol:lolI hope he does that for Expendables 2:thumbsup

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