TOS Galactica Solenite Charges!

I've been working on this for a couple of weeks now. I wanted a good supply of solenite charges just in case I needed to blow up a Cylon petro dump or whacka hole in the side of a battlestar to smother a fire with the vacuum of space.

It took me a bazillion years to find the right vintage 1970's aluminum hi-hat control knobs. When i did, I bought them out.

Anyway, here's the answers to all the questions:

Do they light up? No.
Are they magnetic? No.
Did I use a real M-16 clip to make the vacuum forms? No.
Am I selling them? No.

I just wanted to add a big ol' pile of groovy bits to my TOS Galactica collection. I'm still working on other stuff too, but I JUST finished these. Like 20 minutes ago. Paint's still fresh.



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If you ever did want to make them magnetic, I could point you in the direction of some extremely powerful,yet tiny, rare earth magnets :D.

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What is the little tab near the switch?

That's the plate that comes with the switch. Its supposed to be pointing down, but I didn't want to either clip it off or try to bury it in the surface of the prop, so I just turned it upwards.

From the reference I have gathered and seen, it looks like there is no absolute standard for these props.

First you have the choice of "slant bottom" or "straight bottom".

And you have the choice of which direction the three slots are facing in relation to the top details (orange light cap, toggle switch, silver high-hat knob).

And you have the choice of whether or not to use the toggle switch at all since there are several shown without. Including in scenes from "Fire in Space".

So it looks like it's pretty open for interpretation.

These are based upon the vacuum-formed copies used as extras in "Living Legend pt2" except I've decided to spend the $20 extra and fit them with Radio Shack toggle switches (the ones on the parachutists' bandoliers didn't have toggles).

I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to actually put magnetic material on the backs of them yet...


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Nope. Not for sale.

As easy as these appear, they are a royal pain in the tukus to make.

And plus, I wanted a whole passle of 'em just for the sheer joy of it.

However, I WILL consider renting them out to Galactica fan film productions.

If you decide to make your own, write me an email. I can help.

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Wellllll...any chance of a tutorial?
Unaccustomed as I am with the whole tutorial thing, probably not on a grand scale.

But if you have any questions about how I made them, I am ALWAYS happy to answer.

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Ok you said the clip ( main body ) was not cast from a M-16 so what are they?
I made custom vacuum-form molds from high density particle board. Helps to have a mill to do that.

The pulls I got weren't the greatest and required a bunch of clean-up and post-finishing. I had hoped they'd be easier than they were. Lots of webbing on corners, splitting plastic, etc. etc.

There were many of these generated for the show in vac-form plastic because they needed a passle of them for the episode "Living Legend". When the warriors parachute down to the Cylon base, they all have bandoliers of solenite charges strapped on. They were vac-formed. I also have seen some screen-caps from "Fire In Space" that show some of them being vac-formed as well.


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Thank you for your reply.

Any part numbers for the lights and switches, I know many are outdated but someone might get lucky.

Thank you again for this wonderful project.
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Thank you for your reply.

Any part numbers for the lights and switches, I know many are outdated but someone might get lucky.

Thank you again for this wonderful project.
No problemo. I like to share.