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I'm gonna attempt to make one of these for my kid (and myself). So I was wondering if you guys could help me out?

Topsy Bot is pretty much like the robots from MST3K. He's made out of junk. But I'm having a heck of a time sourcing some things.

Can anyone identify and/or provide the following?

1. Is identified as a 'vinyl material roll tube stopper'. Anyone have access to one of these?

2. I believe these are mini halogen flood lights. The GE ones I have seen in the store have ridges all the way around, not the 5 seen on these. Anybody have any of these older bulbs?

3. No idea what this is from. Shape look familiar to anyone?

4. Never seen this graphic. Again, does this look familiar to anyone?

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That graphic says "Frosty Funeral" hahahah. Something tells me that's custom right there.

I did find another picture that shows number 1 with the paint scratched off showing yellow plastic under it though
Very cool. Looks like that cheap plastic the way the paint is just flaking off. I need to find out what that label says. Otherwise, google-fu is worthless. Is it 'Rose Funeral'? There is a band by that name...

BTW, the ears are vintage 70's WiLLson (note the 2 r's) Ear protectors. Still trying to find these. ;)
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Awesome. I wasn't seeing the letters for the bones. Also not so awesome because it is probably something made and not found.
I dunno. They would have to do a lot of cutting through the slurpee machine to do that. I need to watch the episode where he's looking up. They have the square neck piece propped up on a stick, so you can see what's underneath...

BTW, you can also see the Armatron 'hands' in that pic.
Basically, Rikk built the bots out of junk. However it is the most difficult 'junk' to find if you want accuracy. I have pulled my hair out looking for certain bits. This is what I have so far:


As I begin this project, I humbly ask that if anyone has any intel on parts and where they can be found, please let me know. My main concerns now are the following:


1) Neck. The site says it is a stopper for a roll of vinyl? Sorry, not a clue and I haven't been to the print shop to ask for fear they might laugh me out of the store. If you look at this pic, you can see that it is yellow underneath the flaky paint:


2) Eyes. I have two mini-floods, but they are smooth. If I want absolute accuracy, I need the older ones with the 5 bumps around the edge.

3) Shoulders. No idea what these pieces are. I can see that they are attached to two oval shapes with two screws. You can also see that they have holes in them which lead me to believe that they are found pieces:



4) Graphics. I don't know if the graphic on the front handle is a found item or one of Rikk's creations. It says 'Frosty Funeral'. It looks like the bucket is painted white with red vinyl stickers applied. I can't remember what the back says, will have to watch again.

5) Flower pot for the 'legs'. Yes, I know how hard can that be? Well, either it is a really squat flower pot or Rikk has cut it down. It being winter time makes it even more difficult to hunt one down. The pot also has some kind of gauge/dial on it.

6) Ear protectors. Need to find the correct, vintage ear protectors.

7) Shop hose for the arms. They have this stuff at Lowe's, but it kills me to have to spend 20+ dollars for two little pieces of hose. Anybody have any scrap they'd sell me? :)

That's where it stands so far. It being wet and cold out makes this the absolute worst time to paint, so this may be a long project.
"1) Neck. The site says it is a stopper for a roll of vinyl? Sorry, not a clue and I haven't been to the print shop to ask for fear they might laugh me out of the store. "

You know, that's exactly what I thought it might be when I first saw it. I work for a business and we do some vinyl signs, we get big rolls of the vinyl and when they are shipped to us, they have caps on both ends that look like that. However, of all the caps I've seen, I've only seen them in black.

I'd be happy to send you one if you like, I've got a few lying around. Just send me a PM.
The neck was indeed a stopper for media rolls (thanks Dropshipbob). He sent me the spoked one and I was worried that I would have to fill in all those holes but I found a solid one after poking around half a dozen sign shops.

The ones I've seen in the photos appear to be yellow and a salmon color but I'm sure Rikk used one from the 70's like the majority of the other parts.

The guy at the sign shop said they have started receiving the rolls with just the plastic tube in the center of a cardboard base, so these might not be around much longer.


Removed the textured, candy-like shell using Crown Tough-Strip. Cutting the holes in this flimsy metal is gonna be a pain.

Another exciting update.


I hate rattle can paint. Krylon red is thinner than ****. I was trying to get a glossy wet coat and it initially looked good and a few seconds later, this:


Yeah! More sanding!
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