Tom’s cut-a-way Lightsaber Model - Graflex

I once got the opportunity to ask him in person. He told me he laser-cut acrylic (supposedly the black parts) and he machined rods on a lathe. I don't remember any more detail, as this was >10 years ago. (sorry for the late reply)
I vaguely recall that artoo77 mentioned something similar here on the RPF, as I’ve never met the man but was aware of the exact same information. It might have been in an Episode III Vader reveal thread, because a similar mention of laser-cut acrylic was present in that topic as well. I also recall that asavage worked with laser-cut acrylic a bunch during his time at ILM. Maybe one of those fine gentlemen will chime in to give a story or two.

Btw, I think the blue rectangles flanking the crystal, labeled “energy gate” in teecrooz’s pic, are cut acrylic as well.

thd9791 your recent changes to this are great, keep it up.
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Absolutely LOVE this build! Makes me want to do one even though I'm not at all a saber guy. Only nitpick ( and isnt that what we do here? :) ) is the all thread and nuts. Maybe but a aluminum looking tube ( silver painted straw?) over the threads and use thumb nuts at the top?
Okay… so the comment above about the all thread stuck with me. Not in a bad way, but I realized I was unhappy with that crystal retaining design too! So.. back to the drawing board. Back to the piles of parts.

Thankfully I have a tube of E6000 that is destroyed, cap all gunked up and running low, so the glue cures really quickly. This makes it easier to dab some on tiny parts and drop them in with a little rod to manipulate it into place.

I cut and bent some skinny rod that I got from a model airplane builder.. and one of my orders of aircraft pins came with orange ones…

Above it I just stacked some pocketwatch plates, spun to make a cool pattern. This is another hard drive platter washer it’s on, a smoother one.

Then up top I snapped some ****** calculator board (the calc was in a ruler) and glue it in behind the emitter.

Now, the main crystal I didn’t like either, it was too sloppy.. so I ripped that out and used an entire small pocketwatch movement and a nasty colored bushing to hold the quartz

Glue, thankfully, holds this in mid-air inside the saber. I may squeeze some putty underneath for support but I don’t think I’ll need it.

The glue is curing and I’ll clean this up another day…

Oh and I have these extra parts I love but don’t know if they have a place
Thank you! Okay I did some more today.. glue cleanup, greeblie working, etc. needs paint still.

I believe these are sapphires, frictionless surface for watch gears

And the new chamber…

The upper crystal

Other parts

Some larger shots

Yeah, cleaning up the tube slice clocked it greater than 180…some stuff might not be in the “center”… I think the pocketwatch parts look really good.

The fluorite pyramid is held in with the wire at the corners and glue.

I tried to mimic the original mirrored chamber with foil tape, it got pretty wrinkled so I’m still trying to find items to press in there to smooth it out!
Best method for smoothing out foil tape I found came from BTS of Mandalorian with Adam Savage: popsicle sticks/tongue depressers. They used them to press down and smooth out wrinkles for Djin's ship, and earlier, the chrome elements on the models for the Naboo starfighter and cruiser in Phantom Menace.

From my own experience, I found foil tape polishes pretty well, too.
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Anything new on this project Tom? Were you lurking around when Howard was doing his cutaway sabers? He did a few, the three mains from ANH as I recall.

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