TNG Tricorder Evolution Thread

Vital Tech came out with that tricorder in the 90's. A lot has happened since then. There are a huge array of new sensors and technology that can easily fit into any handheld device. And even though Vital Tech went out of business the pursuit for a working tricorder did not end.

I do not know if anyone has ever heard of Peter Jensen, PhD; he is an engineering scientist that has been working on building and perfecting a working tricorder. And the greatest thing is he is doing it right here in my home town! Looking at his work it is quite obvious he is very inspired by the world of Trek.

Check out his webpage here: The Tricorder Project

The work he has already done is incredible. You have to see it. :eek
I've been following his blogs for a long time and its really really inspiring. I think he is literally on the verge of making a tricorder a household device for those who want to learn about the world. I only hope it happens soon and its easy to product. his different Tricorders are just amazing to look at.
my problem is finding the greeblies i think they are called for those of us that are converting the playmates to a more realistic mark vII - i am late in the game and i know gmprops does not have anymore domes- i have searched and searched--bob-- YOU SIR --kits are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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