TNG Time Traveller's Ring Chronometer

Eric Ardros

Sr Member
While looking for screencaps of the Subspace Beacon/Dekyon Field Modulator-Emitter one day last week, I found the following image over at Trek Core:

This is the ring chronometer worn by the time traveller/historian in the TNG season 5 episode "A Matter of Time". I've always thought this was a neat little item, but was never able to find a decent close-up pic showing all the detail. Gotta love Blu-ray HD, lol.

Haven't done anything with this yet (not even a rough draft), but I think this would be an extremely easy and quick thing to do :)


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I just watched this episode 2 weeks agoon blu as well! :thumbsup

:lol " I assume the door will open whether you are conscious or not" :lol
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