TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator

Eric Ardros

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Hey guys,

This is something that's been an on-again-off-again scratch-build project of mine since my earlier days in the hobby, about 6-7 years old. I pretty much had it all done up and ready to go a long time ago, but after looking at it again recently I found a few areas on it that I wasn't entirely happy with, so I redid them.

Which pretty much meant rebuilding it from scratch, as the "problem" areas I found were on both the scanner head and handle :rolleyes: lol

Anyway, here's a compilation of WiP pics, showing both my original scratch-build and the revised version:

TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator -- Pic 01 (New parts; was working on making it electronics-capable)
TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator -- Pic 02

TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator -- Pic 03 (Side-by-side comparison; original is on the left)
TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator -- Pic 04

TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator -- Pic 05 (With all parts)
TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator -- Pic 06

This next set of pics show the new Dermal Regenerator at its current stage of completion:

TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator -- Pic 07 (Side-by-side comparison; original is on the right)
TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator -- Pic 08 (Scanner head comparison; original is on top)
TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator -- Pic 09 (Handle comparison; original is on the right)
TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator -- Pic 10

TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator -- Pic 11 (Other parts; still trying to find the part that goes above the scanner emitter)

TNG/DS9 Dermal Regenerator -- Pic 12 (Schematic for scanner head plant-on details)

You may have noticed that I've now sealed up the cut-outs to allow for electronics. The reason being that, once I'm 100% done with this rebuild, I plan on cracking open my mold-making kit and putting this in silicone :D First have to finish it to my satisfaction, though.
Looking good. If you start a run please let me know. I got a piece of soap crap from the bay years ago, didn't even try to finish/fix it.
Thanks, guys! :)

This is one I've always wanted to do for my own collection, but given my anal-retentive standards for accuracy I knew I'd have to do it for myself :rolleyes lol

Which wasn't an easy task at first, though. Wasn't really able to find any decent reference pics of this. During all my time doing whatever research I could, the following are the only pics I was able to find: (TNG version) (I mainly based my build on this one pic, as it was the only one I had to go on for a while) (DS9 version) /4017/d6ad6587118ca0d32282fe7.jpg (TNG version)

And it took me quite a long time to accumulate just those, lol. Using these as a point of reference, I think I've now managed to get it pretty darn close to the original prop. After the 6-7 longs years since I first started this project, I think I can safely say it's now how I want it. Took long enough, huh? :lol

Like I mentioned in my first post, once the rebuild's 100% done to my satisfaction, I do plan on throwing it in silicone and doing some kits. I've no experience with molding/casting though, so it may take a few attempts before I do it right :p
Here are a couple current WiP pics (the new build is on the right):

Finally managed to apply the raised grip detail around the front and sides of the handle.

Oh, and I also found the small extension piece that goes above the emitter :)

Now I just have to clean up the seams/edges of the grip detail, throw another coat of primer on and it should be ready to put in RTV.

Hopefully I'll be able to get to that stage within the next week or so.

Wish me luck, as this will be my first attempt at molding/casting :confused
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