TMNT Bebop: Help Needed


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Hey guys, starting soon I'm going to be building a custom and realistic version of Bebop from Turtles original 1987 Cartoon. However I'm just looking to the group to see if anyone can tell me what kind of accessories he wears.

I'm hoping to identify the type of Grenades he wears on his vest. The type of Ammo he carries in his Ammo Belt and the types of Bones & Skull he wears on his necklace.

I'm not to worried if I get it exactly correct but he more accurate the better. I believe the grenade type might be a m67 but I know nothing about the ammo or bones.


Also, once I start this build I will do a very picture intensive build log of the whole journy.


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The grenades look like grey M67 grenades. And it makes sense that the bones he is wearing are turtle bones and skull or rat(if not they should be). And as for ammo, it's hard to tell with the old animation style but I would say since they sometimes have a laser shooting M60 that they are .308 caliber bullets.