Tips on sealing acrylic paint over rub n buff?


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So, I'm a fool who didn't do enough research before using Rub N Buff on a 3d print.

I used it first, then painted over it with acrylic, and it is very easily scuffing off with contact. Which sucks, cuz it's being used on a prop that fits inside of a sheath, aka, gets plenty of rubbing/contact in its usage.

Any ideas on salvaging it with any kind of clear coat that won't ruin the rub n buff? I found an old thread saying this stuff worked: and others say it HAS to be some kind of acrylic, not enamel. Obviously I can grab something and do some tests but I wanted to ask if anyone had some thoughts since that thread was from 2008. It's a Christmas gift, so I really wanna get something and try to seal in the design.

Rub and Buff is a metallic wax. Since you have painted over the rub and buff, there is no tooth for the paint to stick to. Covering it with another coating or paint won't help the paint underneath to stick. Nothing will.
I think the best solution is for you to strip the paint and rub and buff and put it on in the proper order. Ensure you get all of the rub and buff off since any left behind will hinder the paint sticking to the surface of your 3d print.

Ugh, wish I had done more research first. Fortunately my friend is printing another for me so I don't have to go through all that work. I've been trying to research now what to use on the next print; I want a very crisp, nice looking metallic silver, hence why I went with the rub & buff. But I'm going over it with acrylic because I am trying to mimic Damascus steel patterning. I'm finding a lot of conflicting info on what type of paint is best to use on PLA. Any recommendations on a good clear coat to go over acrylic paint? Without a layer of rub n buff. lol.

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