Tim Burton show at LACMA in Los Angeles


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Just got in from the Tim Burton Preview for members at LACMA.

We just did a brief walk through.

There are 3 Batman movie cowls and a Catwoman suit.
There is a full Edward Scissorhands suit in a manniquin and the scissor glove, sporadic props here and there, Mars Attacks and some Beetlejuice items.

The art is great, nice body or work.
Also went to see Pee Wee's big adventure at the Bing Theater at the muesum yesterday, kind of a fan crowd showed up.

There are few more Tim Burton movies playing in the days or so.

Just thought I'd mention it.

I'll post the two pics I got in a bit, though the exhibit is "No Photography"
Here are the two pics I sneaked- if your good you can get the decents attention while your friend takes the pics
This is cool, sorry i missed it! I love the Edward Scissor Hands stuff... Took this pic at the profiles in history office a while back... I think this one was out of Stan Winstons collection...

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