three keys from ready player one


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I want to make the three keys from the book ready player one. If you have not read the book keys are copper, jade and crystal. I am thinking about casting them in resin. The only hard part is that the keys have words engraved on them. I do not know of a way to make the letters. They need to be raised in the mold so it looks engraved on the key. The copper key has two full lines of text on them. The jade key only has seven words on it and the crystal key only has a calagraphic letter A on it. How do I add the lettering small enough to fit in the keys and make a mold so that the letters look engraved on the key.

Any ideas are welcome.
What designs do you plan to use for the keys? Depending on size and your own skill it may be worth while to have the casts actually engraved?
Really cool idea. I love that book, However I dont recall a detailed discription of the keys. I imagined them to look like bulky skeliton keys, the kind you would see in video games.
well they don't give a large amount of detail, it is big enough to have two lines of text on it. The book says that the roman numeral for each key appears on the bow of the key (the top part) so we know it's not a hollow bow like most old keys. They never say if it's a round or flat key but i am assuming it's round because most old keys are. My guess is the key would be about five inches long and look something like the photo below but a little ticker so i can fit the words on it.
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