Thor's Mjolnir Finished


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Hi, so here are the shoots from the finished Mjolnir

I'm really pleased with the result, Love the way It looks an feels.

As I explained in my "in progress" post, the hammer is about 18" and weights about 9.6 pounds

Here you can see the legend "he who wields this hammer commands the lightening and the storm" on the top part, carved in runes

Here is a view from the bottom and the handle

Front view

I decided to make one, cause many of the ones you can find, the proportions are wrong, the handle is too short or the head too big, many issues like this, so I thought I make one with what I think is the perfect size, proportions, and weight, and the result feels great when you hold it, and looks great

I'll take some shoots outside holding it so you have a better idea of the size of it, and then I'll update the post.

Let me know what you think :thumbsup