this NOOB is going to DYE ... !

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by nwjedidave, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. nwjedidave

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    ... his sun bleached Jedi cloak just in from the maker today...

    not going to dye it today

    but it has a purple'ish tint to it, and looks as if it was layed over a chair and sat in sunlight for quite sometime....

    since the cloak is an Anakin AOTC (sleeveless) cloak the color should be very dark brown so i don't think i should have a problem, but since its been so long either myself or the maker can remember what the exact fabric is..

    so she suggested this - " was that the wool blend? Try dye for natural fiber first, that way if we are wrong, you can always go back over it with a dye meant for synthetics. "

    so what do you experts suggest for brand names? and colors?


  2. Jayn

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    Would be hard to say without seeing the fabric & knowing the composition.. If you can cut a tiny piece off, you can do a burn test on it.
    This company makes some very good browns..
    Dharma trading out of CA has some good dye too..I'd recommend those over a union dye like RIT..
  3. nwjedidave

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    thanks jayn

    i was hoping to dye it soon, but if you think waiting for a week for the shipping of a better dye, then maybe it can wait...

  4. darthgordon

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    As long as it's natural fiber then any RIT dye should work (depending on the fabric the directions might change). If it's got any polyester in it, forget it. You'll never find the chemicals needed to dye it, and you'll end up with a huge mess.

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