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To start with, I tried to reply here, as it was relevant, but the site wouldn't allow me :confused::

The RPF does it again!

So, I'd love to hear added advice for my current situation in regards to two particular ideas I read here: Glycerin and Pam/Vegetable oil. Or are they even the same thing? I don't even know, they do show up together if you search for one, so that's another thing I'd like help on!

This is a pretty unique situation, but bear with me; I recently bought a Magnoli Star Lord jacket and as usual, Magnoli's quality is second to none, but I couldn't help but notice that the screen printing on the cotton twill (?) was different than I was expecting. I also opted for a slight color change, because I think Magnoli went a tad too dark in default. He found a very nice red, the leather is dark red (think Danny Lopez's jacket) and so the cotton bits had to be changed too. It matched beautifully; the problem is that Indy's screen printing technique is optimal for darker shades.

I noticed this either out in the blaring hot sun or when I had to hose off the jacket and suddenly the harder-to-see screen printing FLARED to life. See pics:

I've tested wetting it since then and found that SOAKING it beyond belief turns it too dark, almost akin to the default color (think brown) but keeping it only damp, darkens it JUST ENOUGH to pop out the pattern in screen printing, keep it matched to the arms, and just make it perfect.

I can't screw around with the screen printing, but if I can somehow give it that slightly damp look without it being damp, I will be so happy.

I really don't want to risk screwing up something so valuable and testing will be difficult, but I really like the ideas of either glycerin (which is expensive and I think I'd have to paint it on?) or better, vegetable oil. That should be more cost efficient, but I'd really still like advice on application. Honestly, I don't want to soak it or even 'dye' it in the oil; I'm thinking just a fairly moderate light coat to brush so it doesn't even bleed through to the back.

I'd like some second opinions! I wanted to continue the conversation because it was simply the BEST source for info I've found thus far on the internet. So, yeah, hopefully I can get at least a little advice on the matter. Thanks, everyone!


1st: normal lighting where you can see the screen printing is quite hard to see

2 and 3: in very bright sunlight; everything is visible

4 and 5: damp colors which is more-or-less what I'm trying to reach, where it always pops, sun or not.


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