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Yeah, I've always felt bad for him too. He was terrible in TPM, but he didn't deserve the vitriol targeted at him and it wasn't solely his fault. He was just a kid, for pete's sake!


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I never thought he was terrible nor deserved all that hate from the public. Beyond some problems with the script, ultimately, he was just a kid in a movie and most kids just want to be kids, not actors. Only once in a blue moon does anyone see a really great kid actor (Natalie Portman, Haley Joel Osment, etc) that can make some really silly stuff work because they're such good actors. I don't know if it's that old Hollywood cliche of his parents forcing him into being a kid-actor or not, but I ultimately can't be hard on a 10 year old, expecting him to be Al Pacino or something. I really don't know what people were expecting.

On a ending note, boy, did he grow up into a weird looking man. He looks like a man that would be caught in some car chase in South Carolina and whose wardrobe would consist of only tank-tops and patch-y jeans.
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Agreed. The actors are only part of the equation. The PT was full of capable actors but honestly, I only thought Ian McDiarmid and Christopher Lee, to a somewhat lesser extent, were noteworthy.

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Not to get into more prequel bashing but it has to be incredibly hard for a ten year old to cope with the harsh things said about his performance and the movies in general. What makes it worse is that it wasn't his fault in the slightest, as pointed out the most talented actors in the world couldn't have saved such a poorly conceived trilogy.

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His character was just a badly written one like a lot of the others, even the veteran actors we know can act, and you can only polish a turd so much especially at 10.


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Every kid actor seems like they did a weak job . . . until you see about 20 auditions from the other kids they looked at. Then you realize the one they chose was much, much better than almost every other kid his age.

As for Jake Lloyd, it's too bad he got so much shoot for stuff that wasn't his fault at all. I was disappointed that Ep#1 centered on a kid so young but I never blamed the actor for it. In light of how much the full-grown professional actors struggled to be convincing in the prequels, IMO Jake Lloyd's performance was downright impressive.


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Twitter, Facebook, etc have all contributed to the inflation of what I consider "drive-by" comments - people saying horrible and vicious things about people knowing they would never be held responsible for those comments. I'm not condoning his actions - he made his decision(s) but he never deserved the negativity or relentless criticism. Without proper channels to properly deal, those types of relentless attacks would push most people to the edge. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for free speech and will fight to protect that right, but there seems to be a lack of civility these days. I wish we would stand back and think before hitting "enter" or "send".

I hope he gets the help he needs and gets back on track. Hang in there JL!


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Little Ani's gone so far off the deep end of the Dark Side, even Vader needs to facepalm
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