"The Warriors" Leather Vest - Looking for Advice


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A few weeks ago I started looking around online for a leather vest from the movie "The Warriors." But really all I ended up with was some confusing questions in my head. Would any fans help me out with some suggestions?

1. Every single shot I see in the movie - whether at night or daytime - the vests look like they're a maroon color. But whenever I see photos/video of actual screen-used props from the film, the vests look more burgundy. I'm really not sure which is the correct way to go here color-wise. Should I choose maroon? Or burgundy?

2. From what I can tell based off eBay and Etsy, every single seller of The Warriors jacket lives in Pakistan. Even the ones that claim they are in the U.S. live in Pakistan. How did Pakistan become The Warriors Jacket Capital of the world? And a lot of the reviews I see state the jacket does not look like its photo, which makes me rather suspicious of all of them.

3. So that leads to my most important question. Anyone have any suggestions on where I should buy one? I'll even consider one from Pakistan if someone thinks a particular seller stands out above the rest.
Quality will always be a problem with "Pakistani" leather. Sewing quality and leather quality as far as thickness and dye bleeding. During the great Harley craze of the baby boomers, Jackets ,vests , gloves and chaps were everywhere. A lot of blue black stained hands running around after a shower. You get what you pay for. Contact an American company such as Vanson leather. They may do custom work.
Every order I have seen that is an online company from Pakistan uses stolen images of another companies work. Pakistan is the heart and soul of the scam clothing market. Oddly enough, they actually send you something instead of just jacking your credit card, which I find very strange. You see a picture of the exact jacket you want, it is because they also got that picture from the original jacket. They didn't make one and then advertise a picture of the new one, they just posted a picture of a jacket they found online and claim to make that jacket (often with the actor still in it). Then they refuse to come somewhat close to the original and you receive a box shaped simulation of it like you are 4 sizes larger than your current size. Reviews are everything. No reviews? Company is a scam. And don't trust that stupid Better Business Bureau rating of "this company is not rated". That is actually a real rating level at the BBB and is followed by the companies history of getting Below a failing grade. It is just a really incredibly stupid way of saying they got delisted as a valid company. If no history shows, then they likely don't exist either. You may find grumbling about some rpf makers due to color variants or missing a particular hanging tab on a pocket but at least no one will question that your jacket looks like the movie. There is also a "have you been burnt" thread here so you can double check on your hopeful maker before you order by searching the rpf for complaints. This place is filled with experienced designers that run full time businesses. If Indy Magnoli doesn't make it, they will at least quote you on it.

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