The Shape of Things to Come - model ships

Joseph C. Brown

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The Shape of Things to Come - specifically, the spacecraft. The Starstreak and the freighter.

Yes, it's an obscure movie, and possibly for a good reason. Not quite Oscar material! But, since id'ing model kit parts used on movie miniatures is what happens around here...

So far, what I can see used:
Pilgrim Observer
K-7 Space Station
Space:1999 Eagle

Cylon Raider

Screencaps are from the DVD release, and the black 'n white shot scanned from Starlog's Photo Guidebook to Spaceships, (New Enlarged Edition!) printed in 1980. That book states that Brick Price's shop did the models, but I have found no other indication of that.


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An obscure film to see the least. I remember having HIGH hopes of a fantastic REMAKE - and I went to the Movie theatre to see it.

OUCH - :cry

The only thing good about it WAS the model ships made from scraping kits :lol

But - I often revisit old B-Movies and enjoy them for what they are - and find some real gems I did not appreciate at the time. Thanks for digging this one up ! :love

I grew up on STARLOG magazine !! :darnkids We did not have the internet !!

Thanks for the post - I would like to see you build the star streak ! :love The ship seemed to be a take on the old Trek Enterprise in a few respects.... what do you think ?



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Wow, this flick was certainly no-one's career highlight, was it?!! :lol

I have always liked that Freighter, though. I think it was referred to as the Phobus IV, at least in the pre-release material. Not sure about on-screen - it never had a release here, and I had to wait years until it showed up on tv to achieve maximum disappointment!

Here's a scan - I think it's from Starlog's companion magazine FUTURE. Haven't spotted anything from it apart from the Cylon Raider you mention, although there's a part in the side that looks very 'Soviet tank'-ish.

Not sure where I found this pic of the Starstreak (or why I kept it - yuk! :lol)


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Found a few more pics. The freighter shot is from the British 'Starburst' magazine (Vol.1, No.10, 1979). That's as clear as it gets - Starburst often suffered from poor photo repro.

The other two are from Starlog #23 (June 1979). Not sure what to make of the caption's description of high explosives. Sounds like standard film-industry hyperbole! ;)

Photos are credited to Carleton Hochman.


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Interesting! It has a Space Academy/Jason of Star Command vibe.

I see a tank hull, possibly a Sherman, on the port intake (or whatever it's supposed to be).

Joseph C. Brown

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The K-7 central disk is the front of this vessel and that made me start looking at the rest of the ship. And since the re-issue kit can be had fairly cheaply... :cool

I'm also keeping in mind that the film was released in 1979, which helps narrow down the choices for what kits went into this ship. The two side pods seem to be Mig-21's, as the air brakes are distinctive and set in between the forward and main landing gear wells.

The main fuselage, aft, seems to be an F-15, but with the horizontal stabilizer mounting protrusions removed. In fact, it looks like they were trimmed off, and placed where member "GPS" asked about a possible flying boat part ID.
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