The PJ's props?????

Hi Guys,
I hate to be the barer of bad news, but almost all of the items from that auction that were from The PJ's were screen used and actually made for that series. We purchased numerous puppets from 2 auction lots from that auction and found, through the help of the shows creator Will Vinton,who was so kind to help us, that approximately 95% of what we purchased was not created for the series. In fact he believes that they were bad castings and or created after the fact from discarded molds. We contacted Premeire about are suspicions and they asked us to get concrete verification, which we did from Mr. Vinton, and they still refused to refund us our money, which was almost $3,000. They also refused to still pass on the information of the consignor to Mr. Vinton as he wanted to know in an email to us who was selling these falsified items. Once again sorry for the bad news and you may want to investigate your purchases as well. I'll keep you posted on our legal action against Premieres as well.
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