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I don't know if some people know the back story into creating, filming the first Godfather movie, but this new series (10 episodes all in all) was a great watch!

The great cast: Miles Teller as Albert S. Rudy (producer), Matthew Goode as Robert Evans (Paramount executive), Dan Fogler as Francis Ford Coppola (Director) and slew of the other characters + the real locations being filmed again (the Godfather's villa, the shooting locations in N.Y. etc..)

The production value is high: costumes, vehicles, sets are really A+.:cool::cool::cool:
A must see for people interested at the behind the scene and the difficulties the production encountered with the N.Y. Mafia.
I agree, I really enjoyed it. My first impression upon hearing about it was that it was going to be more of a "cash-in" type series to tie-in with all the promotion about the anniversary and 4k release of the trilogy. But upon actually watching it, I found it to be very entertaining. I'd read many stories about the making of the Godfather, mostly from Coppola's perspective, so seeing the story from Ruddy's perspective was a nice change of pace.

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