The Muppets Treasure Island Map and Compass

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I have a long list of props I would like to make but unfortunately my life in the military has put my dreams of prop making on hold. Thankful I am a little more than a year away from the end of my contract and will finally be living in one spot for the foreseeable future. In my time in the Marine Corps I've made life long friends, if not brothers. During our down time we talk movies, video games, and anything important to our childhoods.

Getting to the point! My best friend and I where talking about The Muppets and his favorite Muppets movie The Muppets Treasure Island. He explained at length how when he was a kid he would pause the VHS and try to draw the treasure map. We all know that feeling when a prop takes hold of us and this one has made a mark that has lasted 15 plus years. He is not the type to attempt making this nor would he enjoy the process so he will never be able to fulfill his childhood dream of having this prop. He is kind of a minimalist so when he talks about an object that means that much to him it's kind of a big deal. So I would like to make the map and compass as a gift for him.

I need your help RPF!

The Map: I have graphic design experience and background in model making, wood working, and scratch building so i'm confident that I can handle the fabrication of the map. I fall short on the skills needed to determine the size of the map or it's composition. I have a network of people I can source out for leather work so that's not an issue. The entire Map is never on screen at the same time and unless there is some DVD extras or deleted scenes or promotional stuff from the movie then all I have to go on is a few stills I captured from the blue ray. Accuracy is key here because when is it not?

The compass: The silver sailors compass is a pocket watch style compass with no "hunter case" (the front cover or sprung lid to protect the Crystal and Dial). This I can not make due to my lac of knowledge in metalworking but I feel I can buy something close to it and modify it.

Any info or tips are welcome.


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Wow, I love that film! Good on you for making it for your friend.
Just looking at the third picture, the wrinkles make me think that the map could be made out of some really thick fabric (or even layers of it). Maybe you could get the design, print it onto the fabric then do some weathering.
I'm guessing you've searched online for reference images?
One of my favorite pirate movies. Unfortunately I don't have much to add. I would have hoped that Google would have thrown up a better image

The only thing I have to add is the map is not just one piece, the map has been mounted on a thicker piece, perhaps parchment, Thus causing the creases when rolled up
Thanks for the comment.

I think you are right It's not paper. I thought the outer layer was some kind of hide because in some shots of it rolled up it looks like it has a shine to it, kind of like leather with one side shiny and one flat. But now that you say it maybe the outer layer is oiled canvas with a thinner fabric stitched or glued to the inside. There is definitely a leather string that ties it up. Apart form about 100 Google searches I can't think of other sources for researching it or reference images.

I could draw up a vector graphic and have it screen printed then weather it up.

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