the muppet show

  1. Xrad

    Kermit fleece

    So from what I know, ever since the muppet, movie Kermit has been made from Antron fleece. but what fleece was used before the muppet movie? that I heard the company that made it went out of business, but I’m not sure and if it did, what company made it?
  2. I

    The Muppets Treasure Island Map and Compass

    I have a long list of props I would like to make but unfortunately my life in the military has put my dreams of prop making on hold. Thankful I am a little more than a year away from the end of my contract and will finally be living in one spot for the foreseeable future. In my time in the...
  3. Crazybug00

    I Present...... My Uncle Deadly (budget build)

    Hello. I am a relatively new member here at Therpf and would like to show off my uncle deadly build. It was made for under 10 dollars using duct tape , craft foam , hot glue, felt, and miscellaneous fabrics. Keep in mind I am only 14 years old but constructive criticism will be appreciated...
  4. Bradester

    Muppets! Beaker, Bunsen, Chef and Animal!

    So after making so much superhero stuff, I figured my next Con costume should be from another genre. Characters and shows were thought of that have never gone away, that have been around for generations. The Muppet Show came to mind! Photos and screenshots were scaled up to a wearable size for...