The most accurate toilet monster ghoulies prop ever made


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I'm finally going to do it,using my awesome sculpting skills i will make the best ghoulies toilet monster puppet ever made, every badly sculpted wrinkle will be copied, i took my laser measuring tool and pointed it at the screen and measured the refracting light of the wonky mouth and onion shaped head.
Behold and bask in my greatness, but you don't need to comment on how brilliant i am as i allready know!!!".
Ahem, well back to reality, i was asked to sculpt this guy from the movie ghoulies, a really cheesy eighties monster flick, if you like cheese, see this movie!, lol, here is the little spud i'm doing

And here is were i am so far, still very early days, it'll be a latex and polyfoam puppet, with acrylic eyes and possibly acrylic teeth to.

Hey frosty,

great start, but the aspect ratio of height to width on the original looks more like it´s a square than a stretched rectangle on your sculpt. The head looks more "squished" (and no, not a toilet related joke).
I love the Ghoulies 2 version that Ronculous made a while back

Amphibious Ghoulie

But I've always wanted to see this version done. The image of that little monster coming up out of the toilet bowl was one of those awesome posters from the 80's that imprinted itself into my memory as a child.

Got to agree though that the head is looking a little too tall and the top lip too thick at the moment.
thanks guys, i'm still working on the basic shapes, the buyer wants it to match a few different shots, not specifically the poster shot, as that puppet looks different to other referrance pics i have, originally i sculpted it with no neck at all like the poster shot, but it wasn't right, i'm assuming for this pic the puppeteer has the head pulled right down into the body, as the other pics i have there is a definate neck area, its awkward but i'm hoping it'll get therein the end
Heres were i had it originally with no neck
thanks for the pics, i'm still working on the little guy, that looks like a very rushed sculpt, i wonder if its another sculpt,very interesting
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