Did these become the most valuable replicas ever made and we missed out ?

Remember, an “asking price” on eBay, is no indicator of the value of something. I could post a used cotton ball and ask 1.5 million if I wanted to, but that doesn’t mean sh**. Lol.

Some people just throw an astronomical amount out there, but have the “best offer” turned on, hoping someone will give them an offer that is still higher than the actual value of the item.
Yeah, I sold a brand new (box, plaque and all) Blade II glaive in 2022 for $400... that's the highest bid I got and I took it.
Expecting $33,000 for the same thing a year later is crazy, no offense to the seller.

When these glaives originally came out they didn't sell very well, so a large quantity of them ended up at SMKW and they were selling them for around $20 each. I bought a bunch and ended up selling them for a nice profit a few years later. I wish I would've held onto them considering the prices they sell for now. I of course kept a complete set for my collection.

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