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For the dark knight for the Joker they used a tie from turnbull and asser. But Lindy Hemming, the costume designer, said they dipped it in something to grunge it up. I'm wanting to buy the original tie, and dip it in the same substance. But I'm not sure what the substance is.. or what it could be. And even if we find out, what color? I dont wanna buy one with this design already, I want my tie as close as possible to the film. The first two photos are the original, then I'll show the tie (from an auction in 2020) compared to some stills. Basically the auction gave us our best look at it hahaha. Then, after all this, the photos left are from lindy hemming. Please help.


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You could dip a small section of the tie in tea...just to see if it's the desired color (be careful with photos...unless you have a grey scale beside the tie to give you the exact hue;))
If not "dark" enough; use coffee. You can always wash it if it's too dark:)

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