1. I

    Magnolis heath joker suit buttons

    Does anyone have *clear* looks at all the buttons magnoli clothiers uses on the pieces of heaths joker suit today? Shirt, vest, trenchcoat, gray coat. This would be a lot of help of deciding something
  2. I

    Where to find jokers buttons on his trenchcoat?

    Does anyone know where to find this button? Or a better (or an exact) version of the jokers buttons on the trenchcoat from the dark knight? I found it a while ago by looking up "Ebony woodshank button" I beileve. I need 4, then 10 for the arms that are slightly smaller but they need to look the...
  3. darthwhitey

    Indy Magnoli JOKER outer purple coat

    Outer purple Joker THE DARK KNIGHT coat from Indy Magnoli. This is just beautiful. The best and most accurate on the market for a long time. Includes the accurate purple color with the orange liner. If you don't know Indy's work you should! He does some of the best high-end cosplay and fine...
  4. darthwhitey

    TDK Joker Glock 17 by Matsuo

    Dark Knight Joker Glock 17 prop gun offered here by Matsuo back in the day... A nice clean model replica gun. The silver could be touched up a bit. From the page... Glock 17 (Two-tone Converted to full-auto) The Joker (Heath Ledger) uses a Glock 17 that has been converted to...
  5. I

    Heaths joker shoes weathering

    I'm gonna be getting jokers shoes replicas soon. Mine will be suede like his. How do I weather it properly to make it look like the real deal?
  6. I

    What chain does joker have in The Dark Knight?

    Simple as the title says. What kind of chain? From what I could see it looks like it has two hooks on each side with a bar thing like fob chains have? I'll put up multiple photos of his chain. It's gold, hooks from inside the pocket to the suspenders. Very long too. Let me know if you know what...
  7. I

    The jokers suit chain from the dark knight

    I've been trying to track down the jokers chain in the dark knight. Here's everything I have. Seems to hook up from his suspender to maybe a loop inside his pocket? Or a loop at the bottom of his pocket? Not 100% sure. Its a gold fob chain that reaches close to his knee from his suspenders which...
  8. I

    Headcanons for heaths joker?

    I was just wondering if you had any headcanons for heath ledgers joker. Anything at all. What he does for fun at his place? Where he got his suit? What he would be like as a friend? Anything at all :) bring it in here
  9. I

    The jokers tie, a perfect replica

    For the dark knight for the Joker they used a tie from turnbull and asser. But Lindy Hemming, the costume designer, said they dipped it in something to grunge it up. I'm wanting to buy the original tie, and dip it in the same substance. But I'm not sure what the substance is.. or what it could...
  10. I

    Heath ledger joker tie accuracy

    For the film the dark knight they used a tie from Turnbull and Asser for joker. But the costume designer lindy hemming stated they dipped it in a dark substance. Anyone know how to or how they did grunge it up? The bright version is the original.
  11. Silesky

    Life Size Joker Bust (The Killing Joke version)

    Hello! finally finished my Joker life size bust based on the "The Killing Joke" design. I hope you like how it came out. Early and final sculpture stages Final Resin Bust
  12. I

    Heath ledger joker shoes... where?

    So, I'm looking for the original pair of shoes from Marshall back in 2007/2008. Or if anyone can perfectly recreate them to the point where you can't spot any difference. (But I would prefer a pair or thr original deal..) It seems to be suede and leather. Grayish type of coloring? Light brown...
  13. I

    Heath ledgers joker diary

    I have finally remade the look of his book and the pages inside. The whole book is gonna be filled so I have to get creative and such. I'm only sharing one photo of the inside Just for a little taste. I had to print out the cover so its not the actual book but its close enough
  14. I

    Every official joker card for heaths joker

    These will be a mix of cards from the promotional campaign, cards heath used, cards used in the movie and cards made for his joker but never used if you have any I missed, make sure to let me know. Check the comments
  15. I

    Screen used dark knight trilogy items

    I would like to find any props from the whole Dark knight nolanverse trilogy for sale. If any of you have Batman Nolanverse trilogy props and wanna sell, I'll be highly interested to see what you got
  16. I

    Perfect heaths joker suit replica

    I need help finding the most perfect material for heath ledgers joker suit. I don't know what the most perfect shade or material is. It seems like everyone has a different interpretation. The film plays with lighting a lot and when people take photos of it with flash it shows up more bright then...
  17. I

    Official Heath ledger joker cards

    So far all the cards we ( me and Jokersz ) have found. Tell me if you guys have anymore you're 100% was used and or made for him and just not shown. Just any card related to his joker that isn't here.
  18. jokersz

    Joker cards from movies/animes/tv shows..

    Hi everyone ! I try to collect ALL joker cards from movies, tv show and other .. I made a doc file, with all media (except comics) where the Joker appears and take screenshots of the cards. i need your help to find scans or maybe your talents for redraw cards.. For exemple : - In the TV...
  19. I

    Jerome Valeskas Joker card

    I'm trying to get a hold of Jeromes Joker card from Gotham. I'm trying to get like the one used in the show. I'm not sure where to go and start with this. I messaged prop makers that made some for gotham hoping for any sort of trail. I even messaged actors just for a little bit of luck. I'm not...
  20. I

    Jokers diary

    Heath Ledger, getting into the roll of the joker used a diary. He put all sorts into his as you can see in the photos. The composition book itself is called Eeboo - Elephant and Nemo. Id love for some help finding this thing. You can message me on @ClwnPrinceOfCrime on Instagram. It's hard...
  21. Superman

    Ironman vs Joker helmet

    It’s been awhile since I posted here but thought this would go perfect to show off my latest Build. WHAT IF ...,,,, the Joker got his hands on Stark technology...specifically the Ironman suit. What would that look like? This is how I picture it. The IronJoke helmetis painted in the Jokers...
  22. Smithsonian

    Full Metal Jacket Pvt. Joker Helmet

    So many years ago, I had the idea to start making replica helmets to display in my movie room. As much as I would like to buy an already made piece, there is more enjoyment in looking for authentic items used, making replicas, and attempting to be as close to the real thing as possible. When I...
  23. joker_gang_inspired_mask_spade__by_blackmirage_studio_dd46f89-fullview.jpg


    So this is an original creation Inspired of the joker gang masks. This is the Spade version and i'm Working on the 3 other aces.
  24. 06.png


    So this is an original creation Inspired of the joker gang masks. This is the Spade version and i'm Working on the 3 other aces.
  25. Indy Magnoli

    Limited Run Jokes Shoes (Ledger & Phoenix) in Ready-Made Sizes

    We're doing a run of ready-made sized Joker Shoes based on Heath Leadger's and Joaquin Phoenix's Jokers. Since we're doing them in runs and in standard sizing, the price is a lot lower than our made-to-measure shoes. These are $275 per pair (shipping included), but if you order the other set of...