The impact of the Green Lantern Movie

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While Marvel has been pumping out movies featuring most of thier first and second-string characters, DC has been trickling out here and there but it's time to bring in one of the big boys - and as any fan of the character knows, it's gotta' be done right as it has the potential to have the same impact on the general public as the first Iron Man movie.
And why is that? Well, honestly speaking - if you're not a fanboy or a reader of comic books, you likely don't know who Green Lantern is. I don't think there is anyone on this planet who does not know who Batman or Superman is, but to bring in such a beloved character like GL to the big screen - with many not knowing the rich history of the character - has many advantages which will help make Green Lantern a household name.

The biggest advantage that the GL movie has is the fundamental premise of the story and its characters. GL is a superhero-themed sci-fi epic which is a deserved break from the typical superhero flicks that moviegoers are used to seeing.
We have the grounded-in-reality story of Hal Jordan, cocky test pilot with a love interest and an edgy streak coupled with the out of this world (literally) angle of the origin of his power.
Although most origin superhero flicks have a general outline that has become standard and more or less cliche (Regular Joe gets power, learns to use power, rejects power, accepts power, uses power to overcome a great adversity) the premise of Green Lantern introduces the audience to a plethora of supporting 'hero' characters with a backstory that is very unique but easily described; "An intergalactic Police Force".
The girls will go with thier dates to see Ryan Reynolds, the Fanboys will go for obvious reasons - and everyone else will go just because it looks so different and unique.
Judging from the first-draft script, this movie looks to have something for everyone...but don't quote me on that!

Merchandising Potential
You can slap a Superman or Batman emblem on ANYTHING and it will sell! You don't even have to be a comic book reader or even a big fan of the movies to sport a Superman emlbem belt buckle, or a Batman backpack!
The major problem with marketing Supes and Bats is NOT the endless opportunity to package and sell the world-famous logos - but the limited appeal of ONE character - which, in the world of action figures, has to be repainted and repackaged with different absurd accesories over and over again.
How many goofy Batman action figures have we seen? Flourescent orange bat-suits with a missile launcher? C'mon - how many times can you milk that cow? Apparently over and over again until the world blows up!
Green Lantern has a greater advantage with merchandising, IMO, because of the wide array of characters that are available to pull from - heroes and villians.
The GL Corps is so diverse and large that there could conceivably be as many character figures as there are Star Wars figures....not likely to happen, but you get the point.
And since most of the characters are varied in design and gender, the appeal of the GL Corps can crossover to females as GL does not discriminate based on sex - the ring can choose a girl too!
GL Barbie dolls? You can bet on it - maybe not an official Barbie product, but if they are selling Twilight:sick dolls, then you can bet your Lantern you will see dolls of both male and female characters.
And since GL can create any object immaginable with his ring, the potential for vehicles, weponry and playsets is litterally endless - unlike Batman and Superman - who we've often times seen packaged with out-of-character designs and accesories as mentioned before.
As long as the movie hits with the impact as the first Iron Man movie, the appeal for merchandise will be there, for both boys, girls and adults all over.

Franchising Potential
There is already an animated series in development, planned theatrical sequels and video games - and they can keep it coming so long as the public really takes to the Green Lantern universe.
With so many characters to choose from, you need not always focus your story (or merchandise) one ONE central character.
A GL Corps series or movie that features sub-characters could be equally as succesfull and entertaining - all the while skipping an appearence by Hal Jordan - and with the cultural appeal of John Stewart, no matter the color of your skin, you won't look out of place dressed like Green Lantern on Halloween - anyone of any shape or size can be a Green Lantern (pending the set fictional requirements of the Corps:)) - and it's that strongpoint that serves to be the greatest advantage in franchising GL to almost ANY media outlet.

Prop Replicas!:love
Ok, so this should be part of the merchansising section, but lets face it - we've joined the RPF for our passion and love of movie props/costumes. High-end collectors are going to be foaming at the mouth for the first replicas of the movie ring and Lantern - but how are we going to get a decent replica of Hal's movie costume? I will leave that open for another thread:eek
The hobby of collecting prop replicas has really blossomed over the last decade - it's grown so much we are seeing more 'replica' type items in stores where before, it was strictly and internet-only hobby.
With the central prop of the entire franchise being the Power Ring, it is safe to assume we will be seeing a plethora of Ring-based merchandise, especially the every-so anticipated 'official' movie ring prop replica (commence drooling).

Increased popularity in DC Comics
One of the great things about all these superhero movies is the increased popularity and demand for the source material - the comic books.
Many average 'movie-goers' often times take for granted the fact that these characters they only know from what they see on-screen actually has a very well-built, rich history with comic book readers worldwide.
Not everyone who went to see Iron Man loved it so much that they stopped by thier local comic retailer and picked up the latest issue from Marvel - but that small percentage that DID, have contributed to helping maintain and grow one of the funnest hobbies for 'nerds' all over the planet.
Increased revenue to the comic book industry means better products all around - both in the reading material and supplimental collecting like toys and misc. merchandise.
I believe that Green Lantern is going to have the same impact on the general public as Iron man (hopefully) and that the spotlight (a green one of course!) will turn to DC comics and thier related properties.

Well...I hope I didn't go too long here. I'm on my second Red Bull today and really felt like expressing my thoughts on this movie - which has me more excited than I have been in years for a release.
If you've taken the time to read this whole post - thank you.
I think I will go have another Red Bull....

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