The Great (plush) Bantha Hunt, est '78.

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Say what you will about the 1978 Star Wars special, but there are a few positive things I remember about it. First of course was the cool Boba Fett cartoon and Second, Lumpy's toys.

One of my favorite things was the toy bantha. You can find an image of it here: | Holiday Special: What Has Survived?.

Not too long ago, I started asking around for a builder for stuffed bantha, not necessarily an exact replica, but something equally as cool. You can see from this image, it is a decent size: Damn Imperial brute ripped its head off. :angry

I did get a couple of people interested in it but due to it being a custom project and faux fur is pricey, I was reluctant. Not so much from the price alone, but since their was no prototype to approve prior to investment, I did not want to risk a final project I would not like.

Since then I have come up with an idea. If the original bantha from SW:ANH was created by dressing up a real elephant, why not create a plush bantha by dressing up a plush elephant? See here for my inspiration: Photos of an elephant dressing up as the bantha from Star Wars

Finding a plush elephant is not a problem. I also believe a face form could easily be created from sculpy. I think the problems will occur in locating decent looking fur. I also ma not sure how to do the horns. I really do not want to do them in fabric and want something with more flexibility than sculpy but yet tough.

Another issue is my talent. I really hate sewing... this coming from someone with a BS in textile apparel from University of Missouri. I am okay with a pre-existing pattern but I've not made a pattern by drafting or fitting a form since my class over 20 years ago. But I think I can do it.

Does anyone have ideas for the horns and fur? If anyone thinks this is not a good idea or just have anything to add, I would love to hear it.
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