The Force Awakens Second Trailer Lightsaber!


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No, not the controversial lightsaber with the weird crossguard. I'm talking about the lightsaber that is being passed from one person to another.

No spoilers here, but I have been reading rumors, and I wasn't surprised to see what appears to be Anakin's/Luke's lightsaber in the second trailer.

For now at least, we have no way of knowing what the origin of this prop is, but it might be fun to speculate :)

Original OT prop? (almost certainly not)

Anakin's prop from the NT?

Store bought replica? (Some of them are good enough)

Built by the prop department from original parts? (It sure looks like a real Graflex)

Built from scratch by the props department?

One thing that I did notice was that the T-track looks like flat strips rather than actual T-track, but it's a little hard to tell.

I'm very much a lightsaber n00b, so I'd be interested to hear your opinions.
Indeed it's made of a vintage G R A F L E X fashgun ... and you can find all the provided info in the thread mentioned by Kevin Gossett ... actually several mint flashguns were purchased by the props-department to be converted into lightsabers :)

Wait. I thought Luke lost this saber in ep.5 when Vader cut his arm off? And now suddenly he's got it back and is handing it over to someone else?
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