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Hey guys.

This is my "mark 1" Doctor Who costume. I pushed to get this done for TT20 this weekend, so i hope to have even better pictures from that and beyond, not to mention there will be a Tardis on display. :)

We started this by stumbling on a Burda pattern that was really close and modifying as we went to match the 10th Doctor's suit as closely as possible. We actually used the same jacket pattern for the coat, just a few sizes up.

The coat material, according to my research is a ultra suede...without having that kind of dough I accidently stumbled upon some faux suede curtains at Giant Tiger (Mini-Walmart), 2 curtians barely covered it but thankfully it worked out.

The pinstripe material was actually white stripes but luckily the stripes dyed easily into the blue, however the brown is dye resistant so i was stuck with a lighter brown. It was a lucky eBay find that turned out not exactly what I was hoping, though its close enough for now.

We went with a blue denim coloured shirt to help bring out the blue, he wore that colour a number of times this season...along with that tie.

The tie I got a a thrift store...its HARD finding brown ties that are nice and odd enough for this I fabric painted the swirls...not the best job, but I accidently used glow in the dark paint so the swirls glow.

The costume is far from perfect, lots of tweaks needed, but for now here is a sneak peek at it. Let me know what you guys think. I need to press and sightly stitch the jacket collar down I think, it moves far too much...but otherwise.



Closer look.

Elton. Fetch a Spade.



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Very Cool. I have been waiting to see someone do this costume. I want to do it too, but $$$ is always an issue lol. Very good Job.


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Nicely done. I'm trying to put a suit togther myself, so know the pain of trying to find the right materials.

The suit material looks like a very close match, with the stripes nice and close. I think the suit could do with being tighter still, at times it looks like Tenant is wearing a size too small.

Do you have a referance number for that Burda pattern?


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very nice...really...very very nice...i do agree with burntkona though that tennant's suit is a much closer fit...but yours looks much more comfortable...

i've always wanted to do a doctor costume...sadly walking on a cane precludes all but a very young-looking first doctor....



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Tim, thanks. I know you've been wanting to jump on this costume as well. Money wise it wasn't toooo bad :) I bought a part at a time and jumped on deals where I could...probably cost around 150 US total :)

FUnny story with the sonic screwdriver. I bid on one on eBay, and a UK friend of mine also grabbed me one, so I actually have 2, and maybe a third coming this weekend from a buddy who went to the UK...Trick mainly is finding someone who will ship International.

The Burda pattern number was 8826, but needs some altering to make it correct :)

I agree about the loose fit, it wasn't intentional, but we have never made a suit before to know how the parts worked together, plus that pattern only came in a 38, quite a few sizes larger than me, so we just winged it. Totally agree with you guys though, the ultra edition when I find exact material will be better I hope :)

The material is great though, it has blue stripes that photograph brown, just like his so hey cool :)

Thanks for all the kind compliments, my seamstress aka mom-in-law will be happy :)

Skott, have you thought of Sylvester McCoys? he has that umbrella ;)


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What pattern did you use for the overcoat? That came out really nice as well.
The only part of the costume I have are the shoes and the Sonic Screwdriver.


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"Skott, have you thought of Sylvester McCoys? he has that umbrella"

oddly i have thought of that...even though it's such a god-awful costume it'd still be kinda fun...the umbrella actually has been on my list of things to do for a few months now...i'm just still trying to figure out the handle...skott


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Tim, I used the same pattern for the overcoat and made adjustments for the split and the rear vent...all the darts were just added...not too fond how it looks at the back however. I used the largest size for the coat and then went back in the smallest size for the suit jacket....yay for winging it.

Skott, you can always go for the movie costume ;) Some of the most fun costumes to work on is the ones that are awful, but done right ;) at least you'd have good rain protection. Look forward to seeing it when you figure it out.


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sweet job justin,
i think the suit, aside from being a costume, is pretty slick.

my only critique is that the seams on the shoulders seem a little crinkled.

i'm not famililar with the show. Is the tie a specific pattern or just a "close enough" kinda deal?


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Excellent work. I recall reading in an issue of DWM when David was trying on his costume for the first time the following conversation happened:

DT: "Oooh, nice coat. Am I wearing critter?"
Costumer: "Not critter: couch."

Apparently the material they used for the coat (which has a stitched in back gather and extra panels for a toned down Neo Coat effect) was furnature grade material. Pretty smart on their part since the costumes are going to go thru a lot more rough houseing than normal clothing.


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Good one Primrodo. I guess you'll have it at T-Trek.

Q: how did you end up making the tie? Handpainted or you got lucky and found a suitable match?

Egon Spengler

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How tall are you? If the suit would fit me, being 6'4" I'd love to buy it from you if you ever make a new pinstripe suit. :) Maybe it would fit me better? I absolutely love this costume. You did a 'fantastic' job.

What kind of shoes does he wear exactly? Converse?


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Thanks again guys. :)

Yeah the shoulders were a kinda iffy thing to begin with, luckily my mother in law knew how to baste, though even thats an up in the air effect.

The tie Tennet wears changes every show (as does the shirt). I looked over and again for really odd brown ties to actually use but found nothing, then I stumbled on a all brown tie and wanted to model after this one: So a little fabric paint and viola. I still want a better tie to use though....

Wazoo, yeah I recall that too, though after asking around you can get ultra suede for furniture, so I hope I chose right :) My back has the right panels and darts, even the rear vent, I am just not 100% happy with how it looked in the pics...

Dark Lord Vader, I am 6'2, however there is plenty of sleave hem. The inside of the coat and jacket are not lined however, as it was done in a hurry...but if you are interested when I do my next one I will show you all the pictures inside and out :)

The shoes are Chuck Taylors :) He wears both navy and unbleached, I prefer the unbleached ones they just look so great :)

Thanks for all the compliments guys.


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Well we got back from TT20 and I got some great images of me and the TARDIS on display, along with someone with a Rose costume :)

We even got high praises from Robert Shearman, script writer of 'Dalek'.