the dark knight batcage


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So i was thinking about this for awhile and now i finnally was able to start building it with the help of the BCD prop club( yes the guys who make those awsome star wars sets )

i came recently invthe possesion of a 1:6 batcage so i used that one to make mine 1:1
doors will open at both sides
parts or them will be lasercut

ill write a more detailed process later this week here are some pictures of my progress
ImageUploadedByTapatalk1431638634.838447.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1431638673.304348.jpg
ImageUploadedByTapatalk1431638695.800634.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1431638708.569595.jpg

the 1:6 cage im using ImageUploadedByTapatalk1431801123.166763.jpg
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since i need lots of them i started together with teragon on sticky bomb gun the belt mines etc
sticky bomb has been laser cut and in progress of being build ( 1st prototype) in need 3 of them for the cage so here are some pictures of first pieces that i have build needs some filling and sanding offcourse






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the basic design aint hard the thing is mine needs to be constructed so its easy to be transported to cons
the cage itself is around 1,30m long and 65cm width 2m heigh plus the top on there


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im using 3 different size of pvc pipes 90mm/110mm/125mm

the 90mm is being used as base pieces they are attached to the bottom plate and the top one

the 110mm is a complete length roughly 2m will have lasercut discs inside and ( steel profile ) it slides over the 90mm and one of the discs will have a disc that fits on to the 90mm disc so that the disc can't move when on the 90mm pieces

the 125mm disc will be cut in several pieces so that the hinges for the door and gear boxes can be slided over the 110mm pipe

the steel profile will have thread on top and bottom so they can be screwn in steel frame at bottom and top and make it all more stable

im thinking of making a bit of the concrete floor around the cage so that the doors are supported by the floor when open

i hope i wrote it down in a way most of you can understand ;)


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19010_10206005508469939_6718456539301395537_n.jpg 22381_10206005508749946_1642928058007401809_n.jpg 10421516_10206005508269934_1350866367287978363_n.jpg 11232078_10206007142870798_9042683883474175285_n.jpg

here are some pics of the first mines and a sticky gun prototype ( rest will be comming later)
i have been working on the cage ordering metal and doing some calculations so nothing worth showing


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since im working away from the cage at the moment i have instructed some friends to print some gadgets so i can work forward when i get back home here is one of those straight from printer ImageUploadedByTapatalk1433114532.087312.jpg


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Small update test of roof and bottom together with a suit (yes i know the belt is too low)
Our original plan was to be able to take down the hole thing for transport but we decided against it we are going to make it so that it stays in one piece
The backdoors are going to be build closed so the roof has more support
here is a pic of the cage with roof (not finished )
11418447_10206137386326803_1417468927_n.jpg 11328910_10206137386086797_727379839_n.jpg


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Cool project. Would love to put together a nice display like that for my UR suit. Can't wait to see it come together.


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after remaking the boxes with smaller sides buying foam for inside i started casting some gadgets after throwing the 3d printed masters in to the mold
here is test cast ( don't mind the bubbles will be gone in the next cast
next cast
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