The Blue Box - The TARDIS has landed!

Hah, I live down the street from where the Philly shot was taken! I recognize the sushi place.

Of course being in the city means my apartment is barely bigger than people who've never seen the TARDIS before think how big the inside is... So not much room to make my own.
The Tardis looked Fantastic in person! You really cant appreciate just how huge it is until you see it in person.
GeneralFROSTY, wasn't around around when my girlfriend and I got our pictures taken with it.
(Yeah I know, I'm not in costume. It was my first Con. Next time.)


Here's me and the TARDIS! Like TheMaster said, you really don't appreciate it how huge it is until you see it. I have a photo with the 10th cosplayer but he was blinking. And then I think the Weeping Angels got him.
I figured it was you! I just wasn't sure since it looked like you had a whole team there.

I somehow missed seeing the Dalek on the show floor, though. That thing was amazing, and somehow only got "honorable mention" in the costume contest!
Props to Frosty for posting info about his paint job and replying to messages. I'll never have a box like his, but he helped me try and copy his paint job for my little project! I did a lot of searching and nothing else would have enable a paint noob like me to make this.

album: Tardis Bookcase - Imgur
GeneralFROSTY your Tardis is amazing, Is there any chance of getting a copy of the plans? I would love to build one but I don't have your skills, but I want to give it a try.

Many Thanks
Brisbane,Queensland, Australia.
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