Terminator 2, colt detonics, weapon experts needed


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I'd like to buy the airsoft Western Arms Colt 1911 Detonics custom

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Website is slow when morning hits China, picture below.

but I'm thinking I could be just as happy with a similar 1911.

What makes the Colt 1911 Detonics custom? I just don't see it.



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I think that a lot of pieces are reworked on that gun : the barrel is not the original one and fits better in the slide, lot of things are upgraded but you're not always able to see that...you have to look inside the gun too....
Chris... In world of firearms. Detonics was a Semi-custom 1911 I think mid 80's. They went out of business as far as I know. So with regards to the photo you posted it appears that a "Customized" 1911 was put together using parts. Unless a "Prop" builder is recreating that.. I don't think you will find that exact level of detail.

I Hope this helps

As speaking of airsoft, differences like better matching slide&frame have a marginal meaning, so if no-one minds, I will just list the cosmetic differences between the detonics and stock Colt 1911A1. (the ones that matter, not like manufacturer of the slide/frame, etc., the visible ones)
-Pachymar grips
-straight checkered mainspring housing
-two tone(duh)
-ambidextrous safety switch
-wider than regular beavertail (not visibly longer though)
-grip safety seems to be disabled(in the airsoft, the original's seemingfully isn't)

If you ask me, go with a regular 1911. I find it aesthetically more pleasing.
(if I got something wrong/missed something, please let me know)

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