Terminator 2 tear gas launcher, SWAT tear gas launcher


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Another favorite gun of mine from Terminator 2 is the SWAT team tear gas launcher that Arnold borrows and uses on all of LAPD to neutralize em :)


Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), Terminator 2 stunt grenade launcher, original / screen-used

I had recently bought this from fleabay without any knowledge of it's history other than the previous owner worked for Tristar/Columbia in the 90s. It had some obvious differences like the missing "scope" but I had to have it. It's pretty rare as not much exists in way of photos or parts anywhere online or any of the gun shows.

So this morning I saw a high resolution photo (over at Terminator files) of the stunt tear gas launcher from T2 from a Profiles in History auction from 2007 I believe. As luck would have it the serials match on both guns!

I was starting to clean up the tear gas launcher and probably still will. There was excess rubber inside the rotating tubes area. The real life version is empty inside there. Also was thinking of reaming out the barrels.

"The Dogs of War" with Christopher Walken has lots of footage of the gun.
The Dogs Of War full movie | www.bluecrystals-inc.com - YouTube, skip forward to 1 hr 28 mins. The movie is otherwise pretty boring.

The "scope" on top is just a bar that supports the entire gun. Mostly when the barrel is swung out and being reloaded.

Here was Profiles description

"(Carolco, 1991) Black rubber weaponmodeled after an AWK Engineering 37mm tear gas launcher, carried by Schwarzenegger in the climatic scene where The Terminator breaks into the Skynet lab along with Sarah and John Connor. Having promised young John that he wouldn’t kill anyone, The Terminator uses a tear gas launcher to keep the police away. Mounted on a custom Lucite display stand along with an image of Arnold wielding the gun in the film. Measures 22 ½ in. long. An impressive stunt weapon from a key scene in the film. Originally acquired from the Stembridge Armory Collection.

Estimate $4,000 – $6,000"

That would be Hawk Engineering MM1.

It sold for 7K at auction with the display.

Here is a firing version from Lucas Francis collection. I don't know if he still owns it. The handle is a single shot flare launcher glued to a mock up of the MM1.

Album 3 « Gallery 319 « Terminator | LucasFrancisStudio

I might try to make a wood/acrylic/metal replica eventually.

Thanks for looking!

For that money I would never buy it. I don't even think it was screen used.

For a fraction of the cost it would be easier to build one up from scratch. I hope to build one using PVC pipes.
I don't think the profiles one sold? or did it?

I own the one that lucasfrancis once owned, its a modified flare gun made to resemble a tear gas launcher. Supposedly a working heavy tear gas gun was used, a rubber stunt, and mine used for firing sequences where the cylinder did not have to be shown rotating as its much lighter.

you can see it at http://movieprop.com/teargaslauncher.jpg
I imagine Stembridge molded the one they had and all they rented out of that type woudl ahve matching serial numbers no matter the production.
Very cool. Thing is only one movie really uses the MM1 and that is T2. Dog of War uses a earlier/different type. But I'm sure lower budget movies were made with it, or maybe for background props. Just curious about your gun. It seems your gun is not a solid cast but made up of parts glued together? Are the tubes metal? What type of flare launcher was used? Cool piece though! thanks for sharing.
I will see if I can look up the flare gun type, the tubes are just glued on it appears. Did the profiles one really sell I thought it didnt.
Eventually I will have measurements. Figure 37mm inner diameter, 1/8th tubes and that's a good start!

I thought it did sell, the auction also had the mini gun.

I believe the mini gun did not sell the 1st round.

Not sure though.

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