TASM 2 Suit help?


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Hi, i'm posting to see if anyone has come across this problem or if anyone can help me out.
I used zentaizone to print kenlandrum's amazing TASM2 suit file (with permission of course), and the suit came in beautifully.

Custom measurements were right, everything seemed to fit well and ZentaiZone really hit the mark on this one. Or so I thought.

The mask was attached onto the suit, and when fully zipped to the top, the mask pulls backwards, and refuses to center where it should be.
Picture here:
Sorry for the crappy quality, it;'s an extremely zoomed in picture of the whole suit.
But as you can see here, the middle of the mask and where the eyes SHOULD be are waaay above where they should be, and the mask just refuses to be pulled down or stay down.

Has anyone come across this, or can anyone help me? Forgive me if I seem stupid for asking but I was really excited about the suit until I encountered this.

(Props to TJack for his faceshell and lens combo and kenlandrum for his suit file. Amazing work gentlemen!)

Thanks in advance if anyone can help! :)
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