T1 "The Terminator" Resistance Soldier


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Halloween has come and gone, and for this year I decided I wanted to do something that wasn't Star Trek related, and certainly not last minute! (Bit of warning though, be prepared to read as I like to be thorough in my explanations.)


I present my Terminator-inspired soldier of the Resistance. Using Kyle Reese as the base, this is the culmination of a year's worth of work slowly and patiently collecting the individual pieces, pouring over screencaps, references, and pictures of screen-used props, and then putting it all together. I am overall very pleased with the results although I would call it about 98% completed, as there are little nicks and knacks I would like to correct before calling it completely finished. Especially the FAMAS I am using temporarily as a phased-plasma rifle.



Jacket and Undershirt:


The shell jacket I chose was a L-2B flight jacket. Reese and many of the other Resistance members wore MA-1s. In comparison the L-2B is lighter and mine doesn't have that orange lining (the orange bothers me on a subliminal level though I understand the importance of being rescued). No inner pockets though :(. It also does NOT have the inner zipper flap which is often seen hanging out. It started out as a sage green medium which I dyed and then became a blue small (I made the mistake of making the water too hot in the pot, but lucky me I am a small). It is actually much more like a navy blue although I was aiming for a light blue. I -really- like this shade of blue, so rather than discard it I've kept it. The distressing was achieved using Tamiya TS-32 "Haze Grey" and some Krylon Black.

I did use moving blanket for the external padding. To prevent fraying I cut more than I needed then folded the edges before sewing which I did by hand. The slots in the elbow pads were secured using a wrapping method, again by hand with needle and thread. I also wanted to also mimic that 'look' on the 'recoil pad' which was achieved by folding the edges and then tightly wrapping thread around them. Their color was achieved using a combination of TS-32, TS-11 "Maroon", Kyrlon "Leather Brown" and Krylon Black.

The arm straps are thin vinyl strips with 7/8" D-rings.

My identity tag was made from an old cloth belt from a thrift store. I used Crass font and printed it on stiff paper, cut it out, and used that as a stencil. My tag reads "RO DN 16309" (points if you see the hidden reference). I modeled by ID after Reese's in which the first two letters were the first two letters of his last name. Although one other screen-used jacket has "JDO RS26457" (which I have rationalized in my crazy head). I figured the DN for "Designated Number" was a safe bet, followed by a 5 digit number.

The collar was made from a stiff vinyl, with a slight crease on the outer edge. The knit collar was ripped and distressed (by me). I used O-rings on one end, (which is what I feel they are) and not D-rings which are prominent elsewhere.

There is a strap retainer sewn on the bit of fabric next to the bottom zipper. The strap was seen being used to hang off various accessories and pouches. I went with one instead of two, although I did leave that option open. 1" D-rings.


Apparently each soldier wore a white thermal shirt with a crazy tech-pattern on it. I decided the flight jacket was going to keep me warm enough so I used a cheap sport t-shirt from W@L-Mart with a texture. I have not yet done the tech-pattern on the shirt yet, although the L-2B's lack of a zipper flap would allow me to show it off much easier.

Knee Guards and Leggings:


To emphasize the 'rag-tag' look, I made sure each piece was not created identically. The knee guards are a modern type with the hard plastic kneecap dremeled off and replaced completely by vinyl and pleather pieces. I prefer these because I can velcro these off at any time versus having to slip the knee pad on and off like the originals.

The leggings are again, vinyl with a foam pad behind for support (and comfort!) The 'rivets' are brass paper fasteners. I used a much thinner vinyl for the little slips that go over the boot. The straps are made with a thicker vinyl and 5/8" D-rings.

Effects were done by tightening the leggings around my leg to create creases, then sprayed with TS-32.

Head Gear:


I used a post-Vietnam "Hot Weather Cap" lightly sprayed black. The headset was a steal found on the Bay (like many other items in this costume). It is a Shure SM10A with a rubber covered boom. The goggles are typical Sand/Wind/Dust goggles.

Web Gear and Accessories:


Because my costume was not a strict emulation of Kyle, I took a very individualistic approach in selecting my gear, such as the 9mm ammunition pouch and the M67 Buttpack (invaluable for carrying convention lewt and drinks, or for your friends whose costumes are not so blessed with pockets :p) although I did capture some screenshots in which a type of buttpack can be seen on Reese. I used a M1967 Davis "quick release" belt instead of the M56 that Reese wears. The individual First Aid Pouch and the M1916 holster are the only matching pieces to Reese's loadout.

Also pictured is a copy of a Universal Small Arms pouch and an individual first aid pouch/compass holder for a bit of variety. In a couple of appearances I hung these on the jacket 'belt' strap. Not pictured is a 1 quart canteen. Not sure yet if I will get a gas mask and distress marker to add to the belt.

The bulb flashlight/florescent lantern was another lucky find for me. I believe this type is the exact kind used in one of the flashback scenes which is labeled as a 7-In-1 but no maker is listed (closest I can find is it might be made by "Johnlite"). I have not distressed it yet because I have not yet worn it as part of the costume outside (not easy to secure).


I would like to thank RPF Member [SSgt. Burton] whose T1 Kyle Reese costume inspired me to start this venture and who was helpful in some questions I had. I had a lot of fun (and headaches) putting this together and gained more experience in costume construction. I definitely would like to further accessorize the kit out a bit, maybe give it a more specialized role or something that stands out. I have worn this to three Halloween outings plus a convention (Vulcan Events in Orlando). Sadly because it is so obscure almost no one gets it (but that's not why I built it anyways). My favorite guesses so far are "Metal Gear Solid" and "G.I. Joe". :lol

Questions, comments, critiques? Have at it! (And if you have read up to this point, thank you for taking the time and putting up with my thoughts).


"If you're listening to this, you ARE the Resistance."

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That is an awesome costume! I have to get one of those lanterns. I have a original T2 pipe bomb with a working camera flash :) I'll have to make a kit or schematics sometime.
Interesting read. I never noticed many of those details. That's the great thing about the resistance costume. Every one would be slightly different.
Cory- it turned out AWESOME!!! :D

The jacket is outstanding! You did an amazing job with the moving blanket material! And you have all the straps (including the two long ones around the waist that I still haven't added to mine). :thumbsup

The leg guards look spot on as well. Nicely weathered! :thumbsup

The FAMAS is a nice stand-in. I've seen another T1 uniform where the costumer took a FAMAS and cut off the top carry handle. I've considered doing this myself (although I also have a Beretta CX Storm that I've considered converting).

All in all the impression looks fantastic!

Many thanks for the shout out- glad I could help a bit!

Oh and your number is the Reliant prefix code. ;)

Thanks everyone! I really wish there were "Like" buttons so I could at least acknowledge I read each post.

@ T2SF: I knew that's what was in those canisters. If you come up with anything do let me know.

@ Kevin: Haha how did I know you'd be the one to answer that question? :lol I actually have a second FAMAS with cut "ears" down the carry handle and put a big box on it and tried to make a flexy sight. That hasn't been working out...primarily because I want it to actually work. I've gone back and forth on ideas from using a cheap camera, to using one of those car rear license plate cameras with a small 2" LCD screen. I also had once considered a SA80/L85 as the base.

A Beretta CX Storm would be an excellent choice with its smooth contours. What exactly were you going to do to it if I may ask?

@ CessnaDriver : :lol

@ apollo : Probably for the same reasons why I haven't seen a Last Starfighter Gunstar pilot; it would take a particular person with nerdy dedication willing to accept the fact the majority will not recognize him. Sadly not every briefly seen (or obscure one-movie) costume can claim fame like Boba Fett.
I've gone back and forth on ideas from using a cheap camera, to using one of those car rear license plate cameras with a small 2" LCD screen.

The rear "back up" camera sounds pretty good. Much better than my original plan (four years ago when I made my first Future Resistance costume)- which was to use one of those mini-tvs from the 80s for the box base:


So I snatched one off ebay for about $50 (I think).



So... even though it wouldn't be showing an aerial HK, it would still have a light up screen with "movement". ;)

This idea seemed great... Until all "over the air" stations switched to digital. Now the tv just shows static. :angry :lol

I might just sell it as an antique. :lol

Another plan was to buy one of the keychain size LCD picture frames (1" diameter) and have scrolling pictures of HKs. I would scratchbuild the box.

A Beretta CX Storm would be an excellent choice with its smooth contours. What exactly were you going to do to it if I may ask?

Something I haven't had the guts to do. :lol

I planned on cutting it to look more like a Valmet M82:


(Photoshopped ;) )

However I think I still might go with a chopped FAMAS. Without the magazine the lines look similar:


(Again photoshopped.)

Hope this helps. Once again great job! :thumbsup

Kevin, this is what I have done with mine so far broken down to its individual pieces (this is a vector image standing in for a real picture ;)).


Note the cut protective ears of the carry handle/sight that I am using for a stabilizing base. The box is a basic unfinished wooden craft box picked up at a MiKaels with a scope piece from a Star Wars blaster. When finished they'll both be painted black and weathered. I was going to mount all the electronics in the box. The box itself is hinged (it's like a small jewelry box) but I was going to remove the cheap brass lock and velcro it closed to hide any exterior metal but allow it to be opened it up for maintenance, modding, replacement, etc; the internals would be easily accessible. The box itself will be bolted to the plastic rail.


That small TV thing looks like it could be a nifty prop. But you're probably right in selling it, intact. I'd be a bit hesitant to cut up that Beretta myself haha. Interestingly enough, I did once consider an airsoft G3/SG1 rifle like the one seen at the Resistance firebase but there are none cheap enough that I want to spend money on right now. Sadly they are priced for airsoft gamers, not prop seekers. :p

For the still-image scope I would also consider grabbing pictures of Skynet facilities. Supposedly the "flexy" sights could record video, you could have yours set to "slideshow" :p of the places you've scouted.
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Cameras are getting so small you could get a cheap one, film a short video from T1, and loop it. And bury it in the back of the prop.

T1 was on again and I watched the uniforms more closely. The bomb case seems to be a small bag with straps to hold in a hand, but they slipped it up their arm.

[There's also a dune buggy down in the tunnels. Never saw that before.
I've seen it several times lately, and when the Franco-nator breaks in, sometimes his gun has a laser beam with laser sounds, sometimes a laser beam with gun sounds, and sometimes purely machine gun with no laser. Weird.]
Suit turned out great!! I really like all the personal touches - also a good idea to "not" do Reese, but another resistance fighter, I like it!

Kevin also was my inspiration to do a resistance fighter, actually I think I just might bring it to DragonCon this year!:eek

Mine's almost finished...in gathering "stuff" for it. Need to sew the padding to the jacket, straps etc.

Main thing I've got to do is fabricate the shin gear. :confused And of course, follow Kev's lead w/ the led tv scope! (y)thumbsup :lol That is just a great idea!

And...decide what weapon to use!
Just wanted to give a thanks for posting all of this here. Your costume is great, and your research into what specific items were helped me to source parts in construction of five or six costumes for a Terminator fan film I currently have in pre production.

I'll post a thread with some pics of costumes, sets and such.

But really, thanks for all the attention to detail. You and SSgt Burton have both done a phenomenal job. It inspired me to go more into detail with the costumes and not skip over important details that made them memorable in the first place.
That costume looks absolutely amazing! Great work on the jacket - it is spot on IMO.
I cant wait to see what you do with the FAMAS - looks like you are close.
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