T-3: ROTMachines picture. What is that endoskeleton? Screen capture.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by ONEYE, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Sorry, this is the best screen cap I could do with an enlargement. Saw this scene early on in Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines. Of course, most people were focused on the ancestor of the Aerial Hunter Killer... I always check out the backgrounds as well. It looks like an early version of the T-800 endoskeleton.

    Does anyone know if that was an actual prop? Are there more pictures of it? Better quality pictures? It looks cool.
  2. Wes R

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    I thought it was a t800 prototype since they were working on the endo in the cut scene with Sgt Candy and probably would have reused the prop. It also looks like it could also be the female terminator as it's small enough. Maybe they grabbed the full mockup of her and stuck it in there figuring few folks would pay attention.
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    Good Eye! Never noticed that before. It's definitely not the best film in the series but I love all the tech in it. Well done on the Facebook page too.
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    Now I am going to have to dig out the Blu-ray :rolleyes
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    Holy moly. Seen it a gajillion times and never noticed that.
  6. Zombie Killer

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    It's the T-900. There are a couple better pics on endoclub. Look under the TX section.
  7. n0regret5

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    ^^ got it in one.

    Series 900 - Terminator Wiki

    I remember seeing that and wondering why the hell they'd be working on the t900 when A. the t800 has only just been started work on (then subsequently removed from the movie to not completely ruin the already badly damaged continuity) and B. they haven't even gotten to the t600s or anything like that...funny terminator continuity is funny.
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    Ok, 'splain me this:

    SkyNet is just about to become operational. We know (from T4) that there is a 600 and 700 series. We also know (from all films) that there is an 800 series. Now WHY would they even have a T-900 if it's the beginning of the Machine Era? The 600 series hasn't even been developed yet!
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    Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly!
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    I was thinking it could be Marcus from T4 or an iteration of him.
  11. martcpl705

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    That's a good catch, I never noticed that before
  12. HopeOfTheFuture

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    Mostow thought it would be cool to have it in the show (perhaps as a link to the T3 videogame where the T-900 are you main enemies).. However it screws up more then it actually corrects or so. One of the things to dislike T3.
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    I know this is an old thread, but I came across it while searching for images from the movie, and I happen to know the answer, more or less, to the question. I was the VFX art director on the project at ILM. The endo in the screenshot doesn't have a specific designation in the movie, although T-900 sounds about right to me... The studio wanted the game's endos represented in the movie, even though they were designed with very little input ( a couple of paintovers from me) from either the film crew, the VFX crew or Stan Winston's team. They were pushing to put them in the Future War scenes, but Jonathan Mostow didn't like it (privately he called it the VGC-800, which stood for "Video Game Crap"), and wanted to satisfy the requirement without featuring it in the foreground - so we kind of buried it here, where almost no one would ever see it except for you sharp-eyed people. Sorry this isn't a cooler, in-universe answer, but that's how the thing happened to be there.
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    Welcome to the RPF, Peter!

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