SWTOR maybe delayed to 2012?!


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I am avidly awaiting this game and I'm sure a few others here are as well. I've heard recently that bioware mat delay it til 2012. Seems like a bad idea to me, missing out on black friday sales etc. So what have you guys heard? I've talked to a few people who've played the beta and they seemed to agree there were no major problems and it runs smoothly with few minor bumps. So why the delay?
Actually, they never announced a release date that I can recall, so it's hard to say that it's "delayed". I think if it were going to launch this year, they would have locked down the date by now.
They keep saying holiday 2011 as their window of release but its looking less and less likely.

now this is hearsay, but i was in the last beta session and others i was playing with were given actual dates, aug 8th to dec 8thish. So late December at the earliest for a release.

It is definitely playable in the form it is in right now, but there are still quite a few bugged missions and minor things that don't work right or simply don't work at all. They seemed to be concerned with server stablity as on the weekends it would get pretty laggy in crowded areas, (and this is without chat bubbles implemented)

the boards seemed pretty divided about chat bubbles as it apparently existed in an earlier iteration but was such a huge performance hit, they took it out. I'm hoping they put it back in (as an option) as the game is somewhat solitary not being able to casually speak with anyone except in the 'general' spatial. which pops up fleetlingly and is pushed away with the flood of group seeking spam.

have i said too much?
I am hoping this new build will be the last. Its supposed to be released sometime in the next few weeks I believe. Chat bubbles would be ok with me but if it causes problems or lag I can live without them. As for lag, all the origin worlds are going to be laggy I'm sure. You'll have hundreds of guys running around on those planets in the beginning, I'm hoping the lag isn't so bad its not playable though.
have i said too much?
Not to anyone that's played World of Warcraft.. hehe. I'm used to the way city chat works. :)

If stability and lag is an issue in beta, it's going to be worse when the game goes live, unless they're intentionally oversaturating the beta servers. This game is going to be HUGE when it's released.
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