SW: E-11 mod using DroopyDoos Mk2 kit


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Hi guys! I'm in the middle of using a Droopydoos Mk2 kit to mod a Hasbro E-11. I'm nit picking over a few details at the moment and was hoping some of you could chime in with the answers if you have an actual Sterling or had the chance to handle one :D

On the backstrap (the back side of the hand grip), the Hasbro has a slight rounding to it. Is this the same in the original or is it a smooth / flat surface?

Where are the typical "wear" points on the finish? I realize this would be somewhat subjective depending on the type of use it's seen.

And just in general, are there any issues, tips, tricks, recommendations, etc that you have?

Below are a few starting pics.

Many thanks!


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I did a Hasbro conversion with a slightly older Doopydoo's kit and it turned out okay. I decided not to use the Hengstler counter as I didn't think it looked right when joined to the speaker box.

I know for certain the Hasbro grip is undersized. I have a resin casting of one and it's about a good inch shorter and a little fatter than the real deal. The real grip is also slightly rounded and not flat like the Hasbro. Here's the a pic I found with a measurement scale to give you a comparison:


The wear points on mine (at least where I can see the paint rubbing off) are on grip butt, the left side of the barrel tube near the back cap, and the right side of the grip.

Yours looks like it's coming together well. One thing I did with mine that you might want to do is I added a lens cap to cover the LED. This helped diffuse the light just a bit to make it seem a little more evenly distributed.

Good luck with your build! :)


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I really appreciate it Drew! I was wondering about the grip size. I would guess that it was reduced for kid sized hands. Again, thanks for the info. I'll definitely put it to work :)
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