Superglue white "haze"

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by pfillery, May 20, 2012.

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    Using superglue (as mentioned on here as the correct method) for fitting t-track to a graflex lightsaber, but the underside gets a white haze from the superglue. I got one track piece on and despite trying to wipe it away, it has remained. Looks like it will have to come off and be redone.:cry

    Is it the type of glue I'm using, should it be a 2 part epoxy instead? Any tips? Surely someone has come across this before. Maybe our Australian superglue is different.......
  2. Nwerke

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    Yup, happens all the time. Masking tape is your friend. :thumbsup
  3. TheSt.LouisKid

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    When using the glue put your part in from of a fan. The glue fumes/vapor cause the haze and the fan moves them away. You can also use a kicker for the glue to get it to cure immediately.

    To remove the haze I have had success in the past by applying alcohol to the haze. If the haze has settled on a alcohol based painted area then this obviously is not a solution. Sometimes buffing with a soft cloth works as well.
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    You could also try clear 5 Minute Epoxy or clear 3M double sided automotive tape.
  5. YenChih Lin

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    try rubbing alcohol as suggested (isopropanol) or wipe off very very carefully with acetone on a Q-Tip, since acetone is very agressive. Should remove superglue (cyanoacrylate).
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    This has worked for me before, using a cotton handkerchief and just rubbing down the area with the white residue, right after it dried.

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