super38 strikes again!!


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What a Con-Artist. I went to read the Offers he received on the Logo Patch
and this was the result:

"private listing -- buyers' identities protected"

His other Auction is just Another Scam too, from his endless supply of Screen-worn Costumes:

Christopher Reeve Original Superman costume
One of Mr. Reeve's worn costume 100% authentic

I wonder why this guy hasn't been busted yet.. :angry


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Is there anyone here who's qualified to report him to Ebay with proper evidence that it's a fake? If he's going to be reported, evidence must be presented to back it up, or Ebay won't do anything about it.

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YES, what are the facts ? for the record, I don't believe this guy either and everytime I see his crap on Ebay, I want to report him too .


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Originally posted by Got Maul@Feb 4 2006, 02:58 PM
YES, what are the facts ? for the record, I don't believe this guy either and everytime I see his crap on Ebay, I want to report him too .
In May 2005, a report was filed against super38 by an eBayer called "queenrocks" on the "ebayersthatsuck" Website:


I originally became aware of the thread (and the site) thanks to the RPF's own misterfusion. :thumbsup

For those of you who prefer not to register with the above site, here's what the report against super38 says:

Seller offered a supposedly 'authentic' Superman costume, and claimed the outfit was worn by the star Christoper Reeve during the 1978 production of the movie Superman. I paid the amount above to obtain the item (top, bottom, cape, boots, belt and buckle). I only received the top and bottom of the outfit, and the item is clearly a NEWLY MADE REPRODUCTION (not even matching the pictures sent to me of the item to convince me to purchase). Item came with a 'certificate of authenticity' signed by the supposed 'costumer', which again claims the item was used in the 1978 production of the movie. There is no way this is possible, as the item does not match the outfit used on screen and in clearly 100% new material.

This person has a seller account on eBay (Super38) and immediately removed all traces of the earlier auctions for the other Superman 'costumes' that he had online (auction number provided is for a current 'bogus' item he has for sale, also false), has refused to refund my money (paid for via PayPal) and now refuses to reply to any emails. Also, after I complained that the item was not 'authentic', seller HID HIS FEEDBACK RATING on eBay to hide all traces of the auctions and their bidders. I can provide pictures of the item as it was promised along with pictures of the actual item that I received.
There are also several follow-up postings on the thread by other eBayers who think super38 smells like a rat. :thumbsdown


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Re: super38 strikes again!!

And once more for the cheap seats, this Armando is NOT me.