Starfortress strikes again!


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I wish I'd seen Star fortress posts along time ago! In July I ordered and paid for a AT AT Driver helmet. $400. Went into Pay Pal and records show SF took the money the same day! Never got the helmet. I eventually started sending e mails. They never responded. I've now gotten my Pay Pal and my Bank involved. Finally got a email the other day. They said they sent it but was sent back. They have now said they will send it back. That was a few days ago, we'll see what happens next. To be continued......any advice?


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Keep the cases open and do not close them until the helmet arrives. No matter what they say until it is in your hands keep the case open to protect yourself. There is no reason to take their word for anything. If you close it early you most likely never be able to open it again when the item "mysteriously" never shows up, again. They have a long record of never telling the truth and not delivering.


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I agree with trying to get a refund. if your order even arrives, you will be very disappointed with the build quality. Get your money back!
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