Summer Project of Space Marine Scout Armor


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Hi, it's my first time here!

I'm planning to build an Ultramarines Scout costume out of foam.
The key parts of my Scout costume will be
1. Shoulders
2. Chestplate/Midsection/Codpiece
3. Vambraces
4. Random plates around knee/shin/boot
5. Some type of cloak
I'm planning to make it out of foam, but I've got no prior experience with foam. Also, it would be pretty helpful if you guys could supply me with a Pepakura file for the foam.

I've got a few questions for any people who stumble upon this.
1. How do I attach my shoulders so they don't fall off?
2. How would I simulate the appearance of the combat fatigues seen here:

I am thinking of just buying a pair of grey/black/deserty-brown color cargo pants.

Gary Pahls

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I think you would be better off with just the plain cargo pants. If your looking to emulate the fluff then Space Marines look at camouflage as cowardice and would not use it.

As far as the shoulders, here is how we do it with the Dredd vest
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