Suggestions on how to paint Screamin Chatterer model


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I have had this for awhile...wanted to wait till I purchased an airbrush. It's a vinyl kit, and I have it all together. I have put down a coat of grey acrylic primer, and put down a flesh color on the flesh areas. But I don't know how to do anymore! I mean, if I have my way, I'll probably do it all with a brush. And it will most likely look "o.k.", but I want this thing to look GOOD. I can't post a pic of what it's supposed to look like as I have no instructions or box. If you need, just look up "Chatterer" on a google search and you should be able to find pictures. As I said, I have an airbrush...but I have never used it. There are alot of little areas where I suppose I could use it, but I don't know of these areas are to small. I don't know if my brush can do detail that fine/small. Do I even need to use an airbrush? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'd like to do this one up right!

Boba Flint

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You can always use a combonation of washes and drybrushing for the flesh parts and get a good result.
When doing flesh I work from dark to light when using an airbrush. I paint the darkest color first. Then use lighter shades for the highlights on the skin.

Test your airbrush out to see how fine a line it can make. Just use some scrap paper.

What kind/model airbrush do you have?


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I've go the female cenobite that I haven't touched yet for similar reasons. I also don't know how to do the wiring part for her throat.

Boba Flint

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Your Pasche should have come with instructions and a parts list of some kind. That list should include the model number of the needle and head that is needed for fine line airbrushing. I know Pasche is one of the good airbrushes for fine detail work.

Zaphod, I bought the female when it came out but no longer have the kit so I'm going from memory here. The instructions for the kit came with additionsl instructions for the wiring. I remember it came with a couple different sizes of wire and a templet on how everything should be bent. All I needed was a pair of needlenose pliers and superglue to make the wiring.