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Ok Im hoping the mods allow this thread to let everyone know I have
re-opened registration to Studio Scale ModelerS

The site has alot of kit scans that are good ref for all studioscale modelers.
I have another 100 or more Kit Scans to add shortly so with whats already there is a very valuable tool for finding parts.

The RPF will always be the place to be :love
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no ofense, but how do you expect ppl to register whithout being able to see anything on the site? Some areas should be visible for unregistered users too, otherwise ppl dont know what to expect.

At least this is my view on the matter


I'd just like to say that Jason's site has been an invaluable source of information that helped my Star Destroyer build immensely. It is a vital resource with awesome members. It's a studio scale modeler's dream site.

[That sounded like an official endorsement, didn't it? Well, I meant what I wrote.]

I must agree with the previous comment. Jason's site is very good and provides a lot of useful archived info. I plan to put my final 5' MF kit ID images onto this site as well as what is here on the RPF. NB: If you have a yen to build any original Battlestar stuff then its got some gems.

If there are a load more kit scans coming, all the better!


Thanks for this forum Jase ! THERPF and studioscalemolders are my fav, and I love the scan section !! :thumbsup

I registered the other day...purely for the drool factor of checking out all the projects. :love

Can't help but add another endorsement. The kit scans section is one of the most useful resources available for SS builders. The builds posted there ain't bad either !!!

Its a no brainer. Lots of good teamwork and company. It's the ultimate kit scan resource.

Shoot Im not on there enough at all!

Great resource site....but I gotta say, it's a bit convoluted.

I'm looking for pages on the falcon and there's about 15 different subforums around the site that has info.

Mind you...that does make it more of an adventure!


Thanks for the support everyone & big thanks to tne RPF for floating this thread.

The site has been completely reconfigured over the last couple of days to simplify accessability to threads & resources.
You should find it much easier & quicker to navigate.

Monsieur Tox has alsp come on board as an administrator to help keep things tidy.
Thanks MT. was upgraded today & is now super fast.

We have uploaded about 30 new scans today & will continue to upload at least 20 new scans a day.

Thankyou to the RPF for their support & hope to continue a simbiotic relationship with the studio scale modeling community..
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