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  1. Lord Abaddon

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  2. RedTwoX

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    Thanks for the great reference pics Lord Abaddon. I've saved the Luke and Vader saber pics as well. Got any Han Solo images? ;)
  3. JediG60racer

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    I wonder what generation that suit was, in terms of production and casting? Details on it seem really soft.
  4. troopermaster

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    Great pics LA,thanks for sharing :thumbsup

    I believe this is one of the tour suit's and not a screen used trooper,although it does look as if it has seen some action :) Nice suit though and I love the tatty look.

  5. Darth Kahnt

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    Yes, it definately looks as if it has been used a few times. :D

    Great pics. I've saved the Vader ones. Thanks very much.
  6. Stormtrooper

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    Hhmmmm..... gotta disagree with you there Paul.... IMO this trooper is definitely an original ROTJ :unsure
    None of the Tour Suit tell-tale signs are there, such as ventilation holes under the lenses (at the top of the tear decal areas), boots with zippers, vovoder painted with prominent centre rib at the top...

    The Art of Star Wars exhibit in Singapore has a Tour Stormtrooper on display at the mo' though... maybe that's what you're thinking about mate?


    .... but I reckon the MOM one is an original ROTJ (and looks like it's been used for a bit of Ewok target-practice. :lol)

  7. Boba Frett

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    Thanks for sharing , great pics
  8. Clutch

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    Thanks for posting those. I never tire of looking at them.
  9. Dark One

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    This is the tour suit I wore for a Wal Mart gig we did. Maybe this would help in seeing differences?
  10. JoeR

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    Interesting that the trooper has flat lenses and ANH grey ears....
  11. HDPE

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    Yep, there's no doubt in my mind, this trooper is definitely ROTJ.

    There's also one at the Art of Star Wars exhibit in Paris.

  12. TK1536

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    Cool, thanks for sharing.
  13. troopermaster

    troopermaster Well-Known Member

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    At first I thought it was an ROTJ,but the shoulder straps are throwing me off.I think there were some tour suit's made in the early 80's,made from the ROTJ moulds so maybe this could be one of them?
  14. Umbra

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    thank you for that
  15. RoCKo

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    awesome pictures...

    thanks for sharing...

    i agree, i would also think this is a screenused suit ROTJ suit...
    i´m more into the anh suits, but after all reference pictures i´ve seen over the last few years this one is authentic...

    could the shoulder straps be replaced later on for the exhibition maybe? :unsure
  16. steveo

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    I'm loving these threads. Hopefully you're working your way up to some Boushh pictures. ;)
  17. TD5422

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    very cool pics..

    The shoulder strap in picture 6 doesn't look like plastic, it looks sewn :eek
  18. troopermaster

    troopermaster Well-Known Member

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    If it wasn't for the shoulder straps,I would have said screen used ROTJ without a doubt.They are the same sewn vinyl straps that are on the tour suit's I saw at Wembly in '99.I'm sure the SE sandtroopers had them too,but it could just be that the original ones were damaged or lost and replaced with these vinyl type and riveted on?

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