Stop the Pre-Orders


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With all the recent problems that have cropped with recent releases (not just MR) is it time, as the consumers to stop the trend of Pre-Orders.

Or is it just not possible due the the "fear" of not getting "in" on the "limited editions".

Why can't we just wait until they are released to buy them. If we like them.

In the end I was very happy I did not Pre-Order the MR Trek product, because I didn't like them enough to replace what I already owned.


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Or is it just not possible due the the "fear" of not getting "in" on the "limited editions".
You've probably answered your own question there. On the really limited items(exclusive helmets, EE sabers, SE items), if you wait until they are released it's too late and then are forced to pay ridiculous e-bay prices.

I'd rather pre-order.


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Originally posted by micdavis@Jan 26 2006, 08:58 PM
Or is it just not possible due the the "fear" of not getting "in" on the "limited editions".

That's a big part of it. The idea, real or precieved, that there are more people who want the item than there items to go around. For a very popular item it can be a kind of feeding frenzy.

It's a safe bet that preorders are here to stay for as long as there are limted edition items for a large fan base. I don't see any problem with it as long as there is a money back guarantee. What harm is done? If the item is good then you got yours while others do with out. If it's bad you send it back and have your money refunded. Win/Win

Yes, it can be a hassle. That's life.

Edit in:
Here's another thought: I originally approached this from the prespective of a provider such as Master Replicas which has an established budget with working capital for developing new products. What about the guy working out of his garage? He has a master kit, the skill and knowledge to make duplicates, and the clientel that's interested and ready to buy. What he lacks is the money to buy the silicon and resin to make the duplicate kits to sell. Either he scraps the project and does with out the business while the potential clients do with out the product, or he sets up a preorder where everybody pays 25-50% upfront and uses that capital to buy materials to do the run. In this situation: No preorder = No product.