Starship Troopers Armour ?


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Question for the Hivemind, Ive looked all over and cant seem to find any files for Starship Troopers Invasion Armour, Has anyone tried to do this suit and if so have they posted pics or files for it, It seems like a good suit to do for a newb to foam (me) and I was just wondering if there was any shortcuts available before I tried to tackle this project, Thanks in advance guys (and girls)


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Hmmm. Well, Im gonna give it a go, cant promise anything but i think I'll start with the undersuit to see how its going to go. If anyone has some tips they would be appreciated.


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Heres some reference pics..... FIG-KAI-4729.jpg


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Sti-bugspray-film-4.jpg Starship Troopers Invasion troopers.png Sti-hero-concept-powersuit.jpg Sti-daugherty-concept-powersuit.jpg starship_troopers_invasion_1_by_florin14k-d5cl46a.jpg Sti-kharon-film-knife.jpg Sti-daugherty-film-1.jpg starship_troopers_invasion_2_by_florin14k-d5cl4bw.jpg Tropas.Estelares.Invasao.2012.720p.BluRay.x264-CHD.DUAL-BKZ_00_32_17_00003.jpg Sti-gunfodder-film-1.jpg

I can find you a few more, if you think it may help? Also,If anyone owns the copyright of any of these images, please PM me, and I shall remove them.


  • SQUSTARSHIP-Starship-Troopers-Major-Henry-Figure-E_2.png
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I know this thread is a couple of years old, but with the new Starship Troopers - Traitor of Mars animated movie ( coming out, I was wondering if anyone has had any real success with this armor build? I've only seen one attempt at the armor and it was pretty good, but could go a little further. Look forward to hearing from you all.


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I cant find any files, but you could use others and modify them.

The helm could be a modified halo MK IV

The torso could be from a Halo 4 EVA chest, with a Halo Reach UA bracer upscaled.

The lower legs could be based on an Iron Man suit too.

Mind that none of these are perfect, but they could be decent base parts.
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