Stark Industries Jericho Missile reference?


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So, along with a new rug, a 4 inch by about 9 foot cardboard tube was inside and i wanna try and make a Jericho Missile replica. But i can't find any good pics, Google Images shows little detail and need help with reference pics.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
Here is the best I could come up with:















Can't but imagine the expressions on the cops' faces when they see someone decorating their garden with a missile launcher platform =D

Good luck with the project.

Thanks! I live about 50 yards from the main road and have like 50 acres of backyard on our property. Looks almost like the desert in those pics! My town is more of a community with no actual city limits, meaning no city regulations and no city p.d! LOL!

As for the build, i need new jigsaw blades because a hacksaw is brutal hand-cutting through the thick tubing. I may use thin pieces of wooden board for the wings and hot glue them into thin slits that i'll cut in the sides.
I originally wanted to make a G1 Decepticon Rumble costume and use the tube for piledrivers but the Jericho seems more easy to try out. Before the actual build i'll do some sketching and miniature drafts using paper towel tubes to get a feel of how my big version will turn out

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Can't but imagine the expressions on the cops' faces when they see someone decorating their garden with a missile launcher platform =D

Good luck with the project.


There's actually someone near me who has a (I hope!) inert missle in his front yard as decoration...quite a conversation piece I imagine...
I thought about making one of these as well. Look into using a plastic wine glass as the nose cone.




if the Ten Rings was on my butt I'd be finished tomorrow, but I have a Transformers themed 6yr old Bday to plan, which is also fun but the heat is too much. Initial build starts after the weekend is over
I'll cut it down and make 2, I haven't looked for a plastic wine cup but i do have the clear plastic film from my BTTF build which might work just as good. I thought of painting it but then again i thought to myself "Its tan, cardboard is naturally tan, so i won't bother" haha
Ok i got the front nose wings done. I cut it down to about 5 ft, i have enough to make 2 if these bees stop buggin me haha
Outstanding! I did my Level 3 quite a few years ago:
A full scale Jericho Missile with a cluster of Estes D-engine rockets in the payload section with on-board cameras to film it all would be time well spent!

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